Messy Rosaries are Blessed Rosaries

by Michaelyn Hein – “Hail Mary, full of grace,” we recited, as our four-year-old dived off the couch to the floor. Not to be outdone, our daughter followed her little brother, though with an intention not to crash to the carpet but to step carefully into a cartwheel. “We are not done with the Rosary,” […]

What is Being Done to Spread the Devotion to the Immaculate Heart?

by Barb Ernster – This question posed to Sister Lucia by the Child Jesus in the courtyard of her convent on Feb. 26, 1926, was because the First Saturday Devotion was not being spread as Our Lady had requested on Dec. 10, 1925. It is a question that Jesus could ask each of us today, […]

800th anniversary of St. Dominic, preacher of the Holy Rosary

by Rev. Matthew R. Mauriello – On August 6, we commemorate the 800th anniversary of the passing into heavenly glory one of the Church’s greatest saints, in 1221. St. Dominic Guzman was born in Calaruega, Spain, on August 8, 1170. His father was Felix Guzman and his mother was Blessed Jane of Aza. According to […]

Our Lady came to Fatima to save souls

By E. William Sockey III – Recently a good pastor reminded his parishioners that Our Lady’s primary concern is that everyone come to know and love her Son Jesus. Her appearance at Fatima was no different. It was not primarily about stopping Russia from conquering the world, preventing nuclear war or obtaining world peace, but […]

The Rosary and the Holy Trinity – A letter from Sister Lucia

by Barb Ernster – Many documents exist from Sister Lucia, who wrote thousands of letters to people and clergy around the world, to her superiors, spiritual directors, bishops and popes.  When Our Lady told her at age 10 that she had to learn to read and write, it was good, and she happily used these […]

Expect rivers of grace and mercy with Fatima devotions

by Barb Ernster – Sister Lucia had numerous moments in prayer and contemplation in which she would discern Our Lord’s authentic voice and words to her. These were not locutions or audible voices, but she learned to hear His voice in her prayers and communion with Him, and was able to discern His will in […]

Promises of final victory

By Mary Beth Bracy – “You say you want a revolution … we all want to change the world,” sang the Beatles decades ago. Today, perhaps more than ever, many of us long to see the world transformed and search for signs of hope. It has been said that adoration of the Holy Eucharist, devotion […]

New film brings Father Patrick Peyton’s legacy to life – PRAY!

by Barb Ernster – Who doesn’t remember the phrase, “The family that prays together stays together”? These words, coined by Ven. Fr. Patrick Peyton, C.S.C., are now enshrined in a moving documentary about his life and ministry called PRAY, which opens in theaters October 9. The renewed focus on his legacy and the power of […]

The time to choose

by David Carollo – Last year we participated with the Knights of Columbus and Catholic Action for Faith and Family on tour with our International Pilgrim Virgin Statue, visiting the missions founded by St. Junipero Serra and his companions from San Diego to San Francisco. On Sept. 11, 2019 at noon we held a rally […]

For centuries, the Rosary has been victorious over things beyond our control

by Prof. Michael Ogunu – Since May is the month of the Rosary, it is a good time to reflect on the many centuries to modern days, this powerful prayer has brought victory over threatening and evil forces. Beginning in the 7th century and for a thousand years that followed, there was a great threat […]

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