The Moment of Truth

Holy Week is upon us, and Lent is over. The sacrifices and reflections that marked these forty days are now ending and the true purpose of this time of penance is in front of us.

As Easter People, Our Light Must Shine Brilliantly

by Donal Anthony Foley     Christ is the Light of the World On the first Easter Sunday, early in the morning in the garden near Calvary, there was a moment of great light for the world; the moment when Christ rose from the dead after His terrible sufferings on Good Friday. At the site of the […]

In the world, but not of the world

by David M. Carollo – The Easter season is a time ponder the fact that those who believe in the reality of the life of Christ and understand the Real Presence live in this world, but are not of the world. It is not possible to accept the truth of the Resurrection and the Real […]

Baptism and the Easter Vigil

by Donal Anthony Foley – This evening, after 40 days of Lenten preparation, we will celebrate Christ’s resurrection from the dead during the Easter Vigil. The vigil is more than just a celebration of the Resurrection, since it is also a time when those who are to be received into the Church are baptized. Even […]

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