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The message of Fatima spread throughout the world after World War II largely through the Pilgrim Virgin Statue tours, which began in 1947 from Fatima. Their purpose then, as today, is to bring the graces of Fatima and Our Lady’s message of hope, peace and salvation to those many thousands of people who may never have an opportunity to make a pilgrimage to Fatima itself.  
The World Apostolate of Fatima, USA is the custodian of the famous International Pilgrim Virgin Statue and the National Pilgrim Virgin Statue for the United States. Our statue custodians will give age-appropriate talks on the story and message of Fatima at parishes or schools along the diocesan tours. We make available rosaries, scapulars, Fatima books and materials at our literature table for suggested donations. Our Pilgrim Virgin Statue program is financed solely by donations at the sites visited. Parish collections are welcome as well. For more information, contact Patrick Sabat, psabat@bluearmy.com or 219-218-8991.

The world-famous International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima was sculpted in 1947 by Jose Thedim, known as “the Michelangelo of Portugal” and was brought to North America where it was crowned on October 13, 1947, in Ottawa, Canada, where it began its tours. On Dec. 8, 1947, it was brought to the United States and began a two-year tour of America, before traveling to more than 100 countries. It is primarily responsible for bringing the message of Fatima to millions of people worldwide.  More information.

To inquire about a tour, contact Patrick Sabat, 219-218-8991, psabat@bluearmy.com.

The National Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima was blessed by St. Paul VI in 1967 and crowned by Cardinal O’Boyle at the National Basilica in Washington, DC, in 1971. It is one of 25 national statues that were designated for various countries. Designed under the direction of Jose Thedim by his students, it is patterned after the International PVS and is considered one of the most beautiful statues in America. It is available for diocesan tours in the U.S. and its territories.

To inquire about a tour, contact Patrick Sabat, 219-218-8991, psabat@bluearmy.com.

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