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The Division’s leadership team in the Diocese of Wilmington, Delaware is undergoing revision at this time.  The Reorganization Committee is being chaired by Mary Beth Payne. 302-897-3022 – marybethpayne@hotmail.com



            The Making of the Life-Size Rosary  for the Diocese of Wilmington, DE

In September, 2018, the Iannone family was contacted regarding making a duplicate of the life-size rosary made in 2009 by their father, the late David M. Iannone, Jr. Their father, Dave, made the rosary beads out of balsa wood and formed them on a lathe in his backyard shed.  This took him many hours and was made over the course of the year. Dave eventually donated the rosary to his parish of St. Catherine of Siena. The rosary is on display in the sanctuary of the church throughout the month of October each year.  The family decided to make a duplicate rosary in honor of their parents, Dave and Rosalie Iannone, who both had a life-long devotion to the rosary.

Seemingly an answer to prayers, David Iannone, III, of D. M. IANNONE INC SHEET METAL FABRICATION, was contacted shortly thereafter by ECO PLASTIC PRODUCTS of Delaware, a local  plastics’ business.  Eco Plastics needed David to make a mold for his plastics business to manufacture some curbing.  This gave David the idea that maybe he could make a mold for the rosary beads to be made out of plastic. Making the rosary beads out of plastic instead of balsa wood would cut down greatly on the time it would take to make the new rosary. Eco Plastic agreed it could be done, and David got to work on the metal molds.  So, in early January, 2019, David began forming metal molds for the hot plastic to go into. The molds were in two different sizes–one size for the “Our Father” beads and one smaller size for the “Hail Mary” beads.

On January 16, family members accompanied David to Eco Plastics’ shop where it took two hours to press the extremely hot plastic–which came out of a tube–into each mold.  In this way 63 (53 plus 10 extra beads in case any did not come out perfectly) of the smaller beads for the Hail Marys’ were formed and then 6 larger beads for the Our Fathers were formed. After pressing the heated plastic into the mold and squeezing the mold shut by pressing together the long extended handles, the excess plastic that oozed out the sides of the mold needed to be scraped off.  After this was completed, the mold was then opened up and the bead was taken out and placed in a long vat of cold water. It took more than a half an hour to cool each bead. At first when the beads were removed from the cold water and put into a box to cool, it was noticed that they began sticking together. They needed to be put back into the cold water, and the water needed to be constantly stirred so that the beads did not stick together.  When they were cool enough they were stacked in a cardboard box to be taken back to David’s shop where the family would soon gather once again to help file and smooth each bead.

That weekend, David went over to his shop to cut the metal for the Blessed Mother medal which goes in the center of the rosary.  Early the following week David printed out the vinyl pictures to be attached to the medal; he had saved the exact pictures on the original rosary so as to duplicate as closely as possible his father’s work.

The crucifix is made of Italian wood and is 22 inches in length; it was purchased at Angel Crossing in Elsmere, Delaware.

On Saturday, February 9, the family met early in the morning at the Iannone sheet metal shop to assemble the rosary.  David had smoothed and polished each bead; now he could drill a hole through each bead so that they could be threaded onto a 50-foot length of rope.    The family was joined by Mary Beth Payne of St. Matthew’s parish and Danielle Ferreira of Corpus Christi parish who photographed and helped with the project. The family spent over 2 hours measuring and placing markings where each bead would go on the rope. The beads in the main section of the rosary were then threaded onto the rope. The main section of the rope with the beads (minus the section with the crucifix) was then stretched out from end to end in the shop and pulled tightly so that every bead could now be permanently attached to each marking with an adhesive.  When this was finished the smaller section of the rosary with the crucifix was completed in the same way. The two sections of the rosary were left in place to dry overnight.

The following week, David attached the smaller section of the rosary with the crucifix to the main section. He also noticed at this time that although adhesive had been applied to the beads, they were moving somewhat out of place, so he put small nails through both ends of every bead and into rope.  This kept the beads firmly in place. He then made a special plaque which he attached to the back of the crucifix which reads: “Donated by the Iannone family in loving memory of Rosalie and Dave Iannone.” It was truly a labor of love.

How Many People are Needed to Say the Rosary (66):
If you count 1 Crucifix/Creed; 53 Hail Mary’s; 6 Our Father’s; and 6 Glory Be’s. 

MEASUREMENTS for the Life-Size Rosary
The beads are approximately 3” and 4” in diameter. The cross is about 18” and the Medal is about 12” with the rope being 3/8” diameter (100 ft)

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