By William Sockey – Why did Pope St. John Paul II, on March 25, 1984, consecrate the whole world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and not just Russia alone, even though Our Lady of Fatima requested only the consecration of Russia? To answer this question we must first ask the question: “Why did Our Lady of Fatima request the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart by the Pope in union with all the bishops of the Catholic Church?”

Our Lady warned at Fatima that the world was threatened with punishment for its sins, by means of war, famine, and persecutions of the Church and of the Holy Father. She warned that a Second World War would start during the pontificate of Pope Pius XI. She said,

To prevent this, I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart and the Communion of Reparation on the First Saturdays. If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated.

The reason Our Lady requested the consecration of Russia by the Pope and bishops of the Catholic Church was to prevent World War II and to prevent communist Russia from spreading their atheist ideology throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church, the martyrdom of the good, the suffering of the Holy Father and the annihilation of various nations.

To whom did Our Lady make this request? On June 13, 1929, Our Lady appeared to Sister Lucia in the chapel of her convent and said, “The moment has come in which God asks the Holy Father, in union with all the Bishops of the world, to make the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, promising to save it by this means.” The request was not made to St. John Paul II, or to any random pope at some time in the future! No, the request was made to Pope Pius XI!

If Pope Pius XI had made the consecration of Russia in union with all the bishops of the Church, the following things would have resulted:

  1. Russia would have been converted before amassing the power to spread the errors of atheistic Communism all over the world.
  2. There would have been no World War II, through which Russia captured half of Europe, gaining the economic means to infect the world with atheistic Communism.
  3. There would have been no Soviet Union, no Red China, no communist North Korea, no communist Vietnam, no communist Cuba, and no Christian martyrs in those countries.
  4. There would have been no Russian supported communist uprisings and revolutions throughout the world, in Africa, South America and Asia.
  5. Christian countries would not have been morally and spiritually undermined by Soviet propaganda.
  6. There would have been peace throughout the world during the second half of the twentieth century!
  7. The West would have been better united and morally and spiritually stronger for meeting the threat of Islamic terrorism, and acting more effectively against it.

Pope Pius XI failed to make the consecration of Russia as requested by Our Lady. Great suffering resulted from this, for the world and for the Church. Sister Lucia said Our Lord spoke to her in an intimate communication, saying “They did not wish to heed my request…they will repent and do it, but it will be late. Russia will already have spread her errors throughout the world, provoking wars and the persecution of the Church; the Holy Father will have much to suffer.” The consecration would be made, eventually, but it would be too late to prevent the evils foretold by Our Lady if the consecration was not made in time.

When St. John Paul II was recuperating in the hospital, after the assassination attempt on his life, he made a careful study of the Message of Fatima. It was obvious that the consecration of Russia requested of Pope Pius XI had not been made, and the evils and suffering foretold by Our Lady and Our Lord had come to pass. World War II was long over, Russia had grown and expanded its power, becoming the atheistic Soviet Union. Russian propaganda had infected the whole world – even Catholic countries – with a spirit of rebellion against God’s laws and the Christian faith, with publicly accepted and promoted atheism and immorality.

Realizing that the damage we were warned about had now been done, St. John Paul II saw that it could no longer be prevented. The question that faced the Pope was, what did the Message of Fatima teach us that could now be done effectively to counter and repair the spiritual and moral damage done to the world and the Church following World War II? Evidently, the Holy Father decided, with the grace and spiritual authority of the papacy, that because the consecration had not been done in time, what was now needed was a consecration of the whole world.

Our Lady did not say the whole world would be converted by the consecration of Russia, only that Russia would be converted before it would infect the whole world with atheism, immorality and the spirit of rebellion against the established civil order. The Pope apparently judged, reasonably, that in 1984 the conversion of Russia would only prevent further infection of the world by the errors of Russia, but would not repair the damage already done. And the damage already done was extremely grave! It was the Holy Father’s judgment that the whole world now needed the powerful help of Our Lady to counter the errors of Russia already established and active in the world: influencing world governments to approve abortion and all sorts of immoral behavior as protected and celebrated human rights.

So, St. John Paul II asked all the Catholic bishops of the Church to join him in consecrating the whole world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, with special prayers for those countries such as Russia that particularly needed her intercession. Sister Lucia said the 1984 consecration was accepted by God, the Soviet Union collapsed and Russia officially returned to the Christian faith. Today daily prayer and Christian instruction are required in Russian public schools. In a public ceremony broadcast throughout Russia, President Vladimir Putin and his political staff kissed the Icon of Our Lady of Kazan, the holiest Image of Our Lady as Queen of Russia.

This is not to say that Putin is a saint, or that Russia is now a great political ally of the United States. They aren’t. But the fact remains that today Russia is officially “Christian” and there is no longer a Soviet Union bent on enslaving other nations under atheistic regimes.

But what good has that done for the United States? The errors of Russia continue to influence the corruption of our culture and the other formerly Christian cultures of the world. At least we no longer have the power and influence of the Soviet Union continuing to promote international atheism by ideology and by conquest. It’s now up to Catholics in every country to learn, live and spread the Message of Fatima in order to fulfill Our Lady’s primary request for prayer and penance in order to bring about the conversion of sinners, and in by this means to obtain the blessing of peace. It’s no longer a question of what Our Lady asked the Pope to do. He has done all he could. It is now a question of what Our Lady asked the rest of us to do, which is summarized in the WAF Pledge.

William Sockey is the custodian of the National Pilgrim Virgin Statue.

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  1. Interested to join Our Lady’s Blue Army in future

    • Start right away by praying every day for sinners: “O my God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love You and I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope and do not love You.” And offer up all your suffering, small or great, “for the love of Jesus, for the conversion of sinners and as reparation for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.” Our Lady of Fatima gave us this simple way to bring about the conversion of many sinners and in this way to bring peace to our country and the world. This is why good people suffer: because as members of the Mystical Body of Christ our suffering has the power to save souls.

  2. Medjugire and Fatima are inextricably linked.Our Lady said that Medjugorje is the continuation of Fatima.In Fatima she pleaded for Prayer snd Penance and in Medjugore she continually says Pray Pray Pray! But she adds Fasting on Bread and Water for 2 dsys weekly. So she advocates Penance to end Wars. Today she requests us to become Apostles and remember all the Apostles were msrtyred snd died for their faith.All things sre in Gods Hands. Even wicked men can be saved like St. Paul. All ages hsvd known Aetheism and idolatry but God sends His Mother to save us for Her Son.

    • As a public association of the faithful, the World Apostolate of Fatima is required to withhold judgment on or association with reported apparitions that have not yet received the approval of the Church. It is the present judgment of the Church that the Message of Fatima does not need support from other reported apparitions. Still, fasting and prayer offered as reparation for sin and for the conversion of sinners was the first and most important request of Our Lady at Fatima. Our Lady promised that if enough prayer and reparation are made, many sinners will be converted and there will be peace.

  3. Beautiful article. Very articulate and easy to understand. Makes perfect sense that we must do our part. God and Our Lady did Theirs. The thing is, God never promised, through the words of Our Lady, that the conversion of Russia would occur in an instant. No. Those of us on the planet must continue to do our part – prayer and sacrifice – living a lifestyle worthy of a child of God – actively working for God’s Peace – and NOT becoming frustrated when it doesn’t happen in our good time. God’s timing is His own.

    • Because the consecration was made so late, it is no longer enough for Russia to be converted. Now we need to pray and offer suffering as reparation for the sins of our own countries, such as abortion and divorce, in order to convert our own countries. But Russia is on the way to eventual reunion with the Catholic Church. It was just reported that Pope Francis has asked the Patriarch of Moscow to meet with him and the Patriarch is seriously considering this. The Pope is willing to change the date of Easter to the date followed by the Orthodox to make it easier for them to rejoin the Church.

  4. On May 18, 1936, Sr. Lucia wrote to Fr. Goncalves having asked Our Lord why He wouldn’t convert Russia without this Consecration. Jesus told her, “Because I WANT MY WHOLE CHURCH to acknowledge that Consecration as a triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, so that it may extend its cult later on, and put the devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary beside the devotion to My Sacred Heart.” This has not been done. More specifically, Our Lady’s love for Russia is seen in asking for BOTH the Consecration of Russia AND the Communions of Reparation. When we consider St. John Paul II’s desire that the Church “breathe with the two lungs of the Church” – both East and West – it can be surmised that Our Lady has chosen Russia as an instrument in Her desire to convert and save the world; just as it was (and will be?) an instrument of chastisement if Her requests continue to be ignored.
    Consider these words of Sr. Lucia, again asking for BOTH Consecration of Russia AND COMMUNIONS of REPARATION: “…the good Lord promises to end the persecution in Russia if the Holy Father deigns to make and command the Bishops of the Catholic world to also make a solemn and public act of reparation and consecration of Russia to the very Holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and (if he also) PROMISES at the conclusion of this persecution, he will approve and recommend the practice of the Devotion of Reparation mentioned above.” Again, this has not yet been done.
    We must not judge Pope Pius XI for the delay in the Consecration of Russia since we know not his personal circumstances, nor is St. John Paul II to be solely blamed for failing to complete the second half of the request. The blame lies squarely on the LACK OF RESPONSE on the part of the faithful to the other requests of Our Lady which obtain the graces necessary to do this. Consider 2 Samuel 24: “And the anger of the Lord was again kindled AGAINST ISRAEL, and stirred up David among them, saying, Go, number Israel and Juda.” When the people sin, the nation will suffer often through its leader.
    Therefore, let us make the COMMUNIONS OF REPARATION ON THE FIRST SATURDAYS a priority, BOTH as a beginning AND as a monthly renewal to fulfill ALL of Our Lady’s requests!

    • This is puzzling because when I was young it seemed all Catholics were praying the Rosary every day and making the First Saturdays. This was taught in all the Catholic schools and children were encouraged and assisted in doing these two things. What wasn’t done was the Papal Consecration of Russia, and now that has been done as well. I believe we are seeing the full conversion of Russia back to the Catholic faith, first with the establishment of Russian Orthodoxy as the religion of the Russian Government, the restoration of prayer and religious instruction in Russian public schools, and now the opening up of talks between the Orthodox Patriarch and the Pope. But, unfortunately, the conversion of Russia is no longer enough to prevent the spiritual and moral corruption of Europe and North America, even Ireland! Prayer and reparation for sin are required, and the First Saturday devotion is a very powerful way of making reparation.

    • I tend to agree. Are there any good resources or websites that give the relevant evidence for both sides of this argument (whether Russia still needs to be consecrated)? When I hear it reported that Lucia has said that ‘God has accepted the Pope’s consecration’ I wonder if we read it as she meant it. Why wouldn’t God accept a pope’s act of consecration if done with a holy intention? But there is a difference between God accepting this act and God being satisfied that Mary’s particular requests have been fulfilled.

      Another thought: didn’t Mary promise an era of peace after the consecration of Russia? So–are we in an era of peace? Isn’t the whole world nervous about Putin–and rightfully so?

      Third point: while I think it’s important to find out the truth on this matter, it’s just as important for us all to be united in prayer and not let this disagreement divide us. We all agree that everyone needs to be involved in prayer, reparation and spiritual preparation. Woman Clothed with the Sun, enter quickly onto the world scene!

      • There is actually only one side to the discussion since the Holy See published a long, detailed explanation about the consecration and also about the Third Secret. Disagreement with the official explanation of the Church seems to amount to rejection of Church authority in the interpretation of private revelation, and so would be contrary to the Catholic Faith. The official document can be found by going to the home page of this website, clicking “Learn about Fatima” and clicking “Consecration of Russia.”

        The “era of peace” is puzzling. Clearly, if Pope Pius XI had made the consecration the era of peace would have been during the latter half of the 20th century. There is now a relative peace with Russia, no more Cold War, but I am not convinced that is what Our Lord meant by the era of peace. Neither Our Lord nor Our Lady said the conversion of Russia would be instantaneous, as some have proposed, nor that the era of peace would be immediate. I think, just my opinion, that the delay in the consecration — about which Our Lord showed great dissatisfaction — messed thing up so that the era of peace will now come only after a period of suffering because of the delay. The errors of Russia, which the consecration was meant to prevent, have thoroughly infected the world and that will take time to undo, by the prayer and penance requested by Our Lady and the Angel of Peace at Fatima. I wonder whether the era of peace now requires a certain number of Catholics offering a certain amount of prayer and penance.

        Remember, at Fatima the Angel of Peace and Our Lady linked national and world peace to the prayers and reparation of the faithful, not to the consecration of Russia. Russia was a special problem Our Lady promised to solve if the Pope and Bishops would do what she asked. Now that Russia is out of the way, in a spiritual sense, don’t we still have to pray and offer reparation for the conversion of so many more sinners in order to bring about peace? We will continue to think about this and pray for inspiration and a better understanding.

  5. I am a staunch, cradle Catholic and was an altar boy since I was six years old and now a Eucharistic Minister and Lector and follower of news of my Church for decades. It seems to me that Our Lady promised a long period of peace to the world if the consecration was done ACCORDING TO HER WISHES!! I don’t believe that it was done in the prescribed manner, specifically mentioning the consecration of RUSSIA to her Immaculate Heart. She didn’t ask for the WORLD, but only RUSSIA. The “Metz Agreement” signed between the Vatican and Moscow (with the Communists during Vatican II) stated that the Catholic Church would NOT criticize or condemn (Russian) Communism or Communist regimes in exchange for non-persecution of Catholics throughout communist nations and the world, for that matter.

    First of all, the communists have persisted in persecuting Catholics all over the world where they were and are given the opportunity. Secondly, Communists and Freemasons (and homosexuals, My God!) have infiltrated the Catholic Church and its hierarchy. I believe there are a NUMBER of Freemason Cardinals and Bishops listed in the ranks of the Freemasons, maybe even Cardinal Sodano and Tarcisio Bertone, who have continually lied to us about the contents of the Third Secret of Fatima. Good thing Pope Francis brought the office of the Vatican Secretary of State under papal control again (Cardinal Sodano separated it as an independent entity from the Vatican) and removed Bertone as Secretary of State. And thirdly, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, we have not had ONE period of Peace in this world since Our Blessed Lady’s appearance at Fatima or anywhere else she has appeared. I was in the Vietnam War in which almost 60,000 American soldiers were KILLED, and which was preceded by the Korean War, Second World War, First World War, and since then have seen, as best I can recollect, the confrontation at the Bay of Pigs and almost WWIII, the War in Grenada, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and myriad other wars and the killing of human beings by guns, bombs, or abortion in.

    NOW, either Our Lady is a LIAR because SHE promised us a extended period of peace if Her wishes were accomplished, OR the Consecration of Russia HAS NOT BEEN DONE!! Many Bishops and Cardinals have opposed the various Popes in their desire to consecrate Russia, specifically, as Our Lady asked and have openly said that “it’s old hat” and of no consequence today, yet Pope Benedict XVI says that we, the world, are fooling ourselves if this is what we believe — he has read the FULL message of Fatima, so he KNOWS we are setting ourselves up with the New World Order and the takeover by the Anti-Christ. Additionally, the FULL message was to be revealed in 1960 according to Sister Lucy and we have NOT seen it ever revealed in its ENTIRETY — only bits and pieces and never all the written documents, only interpretations by others. Why keep it hidden from the faithful. Some people who have been privy to the entire text of the message have said that if it was revealed in its entirety, Churches would be full of penitents and the confession lines miles long. Do you see our Churches today — mostly old people attend. Also, the line at Communion is nowhere close to the line at confession. Either we have more SAINTS in the world today, OR many people are making sacrilegious Communions at the altar. But maybe modern Catholics don’t believe that the Eucharist IS the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. I know the Protestants don’t. If our bodies can change bread & wine into flesh and blood, can Jesus change bread & wine into His Body and Blood — Absolutely!! In conclusion, may I pray that God have mercy on us with abortions, wars, gay marriages, and other abominations continually happening in our world.

  6. Please read about the “Metz Agreement” where the Catholic Church was betrayed by members of its own hierarchy to appease the Russian Communists, the Patriarch of Moscow, and the Russian Orthodox Church. That “Treaty” has never been rescinded, even with all the great minds that have come and go in the Catholic Church since that tragic event.

    • I’m not aware that Our Lady promised that the period of peace would be “extended.” The request was made of Pope Pius XI, not Pope John Paul II, to prevent World War II and the establishment of the Soviet Union that would spread errors all over the world. If Pope Pius XI had made the consecration in time, there would have been no War and no Soviet Union. Therefore, there would have been no communist insurgencies all over the world (no Red China, or Korean or Vietnamese wars, etc,). This was the peace Our Lady promised if the consecration was made on time. We don’t know how to interpret the period of peace promised if the Consecration was not made on time, but many years later. The Metz Agreement is very old news and has no bearing on current events.

      Our Lady promised a “period of peace” (she did not say “extended”) if her requests were fulfilled. The Consecration of Russia was not her only request! She also clearly requested that the faithful make the Five First Saturdays, and that all the faithful pray constantly and make sacrifices for the conversion of sinners. Tying world peace to certain words spoken by the Pope and the bishops is not looking at the whole Message of Fatima and all of Our Lady’s requests.

      As Catholics our Faith does not come from private revelations but from the Faith as taught by the Magisterium, the Pope and bishops teaching in union with him.

  7. My apologies, I inadvertently pressed the Submit Button before I finished my previous comment. To continue: Many priests, Bishops, and Cardinals use the pretext of the “Metz Agreement” as the reason that the Church should NOT Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and that that’s why they won’t support the Pope in his attempts to do so!! Get a list of the Freemasons and Communists who hold high positions in our Church and you’ll see why ANY Pope faces very long odds that this will EVER be accomplished. Or at least until the proverbial #@$%& hits the fan!!! Pray, Pray, Pray!! A.M.D.G.

  8. So nice to have been directed to this place by the wonderful Charlie Johnston…very excited to have joined too.

    Might I get by with the scapular medal?

    Very curious about what is ahead for all of us. As an English professor with extra time on my hands during the summer, I am reading (and recommend) “Calls from the Message of Fatima.”

    Final editorial comment, though I will be back: at my secular state college, I am mainly trying to convert my students to literature and especially poetry, but I do talk about matters of faith to those I know are Catholic. It amazes me how many young people have never heard about what happened at Fatima in 1917.

    How close we are to the 100th anniversary. October of that year is not going to be just another month on the calendar. God bless everyone supporting the spread of these messages, the most essential of all in the times of great darkness, as well as great light.

    • There are graces attached to the scapular medal, but not all the same graces as the Brown Scapular. When you are enrolled in the Brown Scapular you become spiritually joined to the Carmelite Order. The Scapular represents the brown habit of the Carmelites. It represents the “uniform” of Our Lady’s spiritual army and also the protection of her mantle. Wearing the scapular medal is something like a Carmelite brother dressing in secular clothing but wearing a medal around his neck.

      I speak to many young people and also to prisoners. I emphasize the historical fact of the Miracle of the Sun and the skeptical newspaper reporters who had their minds changed by the experience. I think the miracle involved an experience of the end of the world, which brought everyone to a realization of personal sins and profound relief when it turned out to be only a vision. The young people and prisoners are always deeply impressed, in my experience. They need reassurance that God does exist, and the miracle of the sun is pretty convincing.

  9. OLOF requested Russia and so JP II should have consecrated Russia and not the world. He did his will and not God’s will. Meanwhile, we still have NOT received the full third Secret: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agr9s3uGn1Q
    The Bishop in white dies and JP II didn’t die at that time. It is for a future Pope.

    • This is your private opinion. It is not in agreement with the official teaching of the Pope and the Holy See on this issue. Pope Benedict pointed out that no prophecy will necessarily come true. Jonas prophesied that Ninevah would be destroyed in 40 days because of its sins, but the people repented and the city was not destroyed. In the same way, the Third Secret was a warning of what could happen to the Church and the world IF Catholics did not do what Our Lady requested (her requests were not only for the consecration of Russia, but for prayer and penance by the faithful, including the Communions of Reparation on First Saturdays).

      My article that started this discussion explains everything. Please read it carefully.

  10. Please refer back to the words of Our Lord to Sr. Lucia above. He specifically told her WHEN this approval and recommendation by the Pope was to be done: “…at the conclusion of this persecution…”. It is because Jesus approved the good work that had begun and, knowing beforehand that devotion to Mary would greatly decrease after the Council, He insisted that the Pope PROMISE to do this after the Consecration would bring about the end of the persecution. Jesus kept His promise and ended this persecution through Mary’s intercession: “a triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary” which Jesus wants the Church to acknowledge as such. What can we hope to expect after the Pope fulfills this final request but THE PROMISED TRIUMPH of the Immaculate Heart of Mary!

    • Very good. So we know what Our Lord asked the Pope to do. Let us all pray that the Pope does as Our Lord requested. But let us not sit back in the mean time, waiting for the Pope to do what was asked of him; no, let us be faithful to what was asked of us: made the Five First Saturdays, pray every day for the conversion of sinners — especially the Holy Rosary — and offer all our suffering and other sacrifices as reparation for sin and for the conversion of sinners. Only by converting sinners can peace be achieved, and nowhere in the Message of Fatima does Our Lady suggest the Pope alone is responsible for bringing about world peace or that it can be achieved without the participation of the faithful.

  11. I like this article and its conclusion is very clear in that Our Lady’s request for the consecration of Russia was meant for that specific time in history. Since that time had then passed, the consecration was not carried out and Mary’s warnings about communism and Russia came true. Thus, Pope John Paul’s consecration of the world with all the bishops in 1984 makes total sense.

    However, I still have a nagging thought wondering what the pope’s comments a couple days after the 1984 consecration meant when he stated, “enlighten especially the peoples of which You Yourself are awaiting our consecration and confiding.” I find myself puzzling over his comment and, try as my feeble mind can, I have not been able to conform the comment to the conclusion stated in your post. Perhaps you might give more context about those comments that I may be lacking.

    Thanks in advance for helping me with this.

    • Here are the words of the Holy Father, in English translation, that you are wondering about:

      “Mother of the Church! Enlighten the People of God along the paths of faith, hope and love! Enlighten especially the peoples whose consecration and entrustment by us you are awaiting. Help us to live in the truth of the consecration of Christ for the entire human family of the modern world.”

      These words were not spoken a couple of days after the consecration, but were part of the consecration prayer itself. At this point in the prayer the act of consecration was still in progress and had not yet been completed. Therefore, it was appropriate for the Holy Father to speak to Our Lady of the consecration and entrustment which she was awaiting and which at that precise time was being offered to her. It was like saying “Here is the consecration you are awaiting.”

      The fall of the Soviet Union without bloodshed was a miracle clearly in response to the consecration of 1984. We need to keep in mind that the conversion of Russia was not about Russian politics, economics or military aspirations, but about Russia spreading atheistic Communism all over the world. Today the Russian Government appears to be the only national government publicly upholding Christian moral teaching, and requiring it be taught to their children!

  12. Dear Mr. Sockey: Without dissecting all the false statements and claims presented by you in your article, I would refer you and your reader’s to a small booklet published by the Fatima Crusader.org entitled ” The ONLY Way to World Peace” that in essence refutes most if not all of your personal assertions. I’m sure you and your organization are in total disagreement with the aforementioned. Point in fact, on May 12, 1982 , the day before the “consecration” by Pope John Paul there was a published interview of Sister Lucy by Fr. Umberto Pasquale wherein Sr. Lucy stated that Our Lady NEVER requested the consecration of the “world” but ONLY the consecration of Russia. Our Lady in 1917 at the Cova da Iria had promised Sr. Lucy she would return and “I shall come to ask for the Consecration of RUSSIA”. In 1927 at Tuy, as promised She came back to Sr. Lucy and requested the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart by the Holy Father with ALL the bishops. In a hand written note from Sr. Lucy to Fr. Umberto . dated 4/13/1980 she replied stating “Our Lady, in Her request, referred only to the consecration of RUSSIA”. On Mar. 19, 1983 , at the request of Pope Paul 2 Sr. Lucy met with Papal Nuncio Archbishop Portalupi and two other individuals. Sr. Lucy AGAIN confirmed that the consecration DID NOT fulfill the request of Our Lady. You state “evidently the Holy Father decided with grace and papal authority” and “it was the Holy Father’s judgment” to consecrate the ” world”. It I assume that predicated on these assertions the “decision & judgment “of the Holy Father is more of a divine nature than that of Our Lady! As for Russia returning “to the Christan faith” tell that to the Christians who are living under the present Regime. Has Russia “spread her errors” as Our Lady said? Just look at the p[resent state of the “world”. Lastly, you state “the pope did all he could”. Sadly seven popes, who had read the 3rd Secret” have not only failed what they were implicitly instructed to do by Our Lady, they have failed the “world”. The consequences are just beginning to show and as Our Lady said “If MY requests are not heeded Russia will spread her errors, causing wars and persecutions against the Church, the good will be martyred; the Holy Father will have much to suffer; various nations will be annihilated’ Not my words ….Our Lady’s.

    • Sadly, the Fatima Crusader was started and led by a priest who was not in full communion with his bishop. But even if Fr. Gruner was in good standing with his bishop, Catholics are held responsible by God for following the teaching of the Pope and bishops in union with him, not the teaching of every persuasive priest.

      It is a matter of Catholic doctrine that the Pope has final authority for interpreting the meaning of private revelations like the Message of Fatima. Sister Lucia herself said that she was only the messenger, not the official interpreter of the Message. Yes, the authority of the Pope takes precedence in this world over the judgment of any individual claiming to have a private revelation from Our Lady. The Pope has the final word on whether or not a claimed revelation like Fatima may be believed as authentic by the faithful, and what that revelation means.

  13. Thank your for you fidelity! I come across so much literature from TFP, Fr. Gruner, etc. and so many friends and families who simply don’t know what to believe. I am a devotee of Fr. Robert Fox who led us on a pilgrimage to Fatima. The Blue Army is Our Lady’s army. Thank you so much for all you do.

  14. Ho great conversation. ..
    Obedience is key says St Alphonsus and Russia is subsumed in World so consecration done. I commend 9 Aves a day of St. Anthony and Fr R. Garrigou who taught St JPII

  15. I think that Bill K’s comments above make the most sense. I think JP II the Great and Pope Emeritis Benedict know the “whole” truth and have never been able to communicate it.

  16. Our Lady did not ask for the consecration of the whole world, but for the consecration of Russia. WHY? Our Lady said she requested this consecration in order to prevent World War II and the spread of errors from Russia all over the world. By 1984 it was too late to prevent either WWII or the spread of errors from Russia all over the world.

    The consecration of Russia was not a matter of saying magic words in order to bring peace to a sinful world. The Message of Fatima requested world-wide prayer and reparation by the faithful, including the First Saturdays, in order to bring peace by converting sinners. The consecration of Russia in 1984 would not undo the damage done by WWII, the formation of the Soviet Union and the spread of atheism and immorality from Russia throughout the world, which is what the consecration by Pope Pius XI was intended to prevent, if Pope Pius XI and the bishops of his time had consecrated Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    The mission of the faithful to pray every day (constantly) for the conversion of sinners and to offer all our crosses and additional sacrifices to repair the damage cause by sin and to convert sinners remains the focus of the Fatima Message. Sister Lucia told John Haffert that Our Lady’s request that we offer all our suffering as reparation for the conversion of sinners was the most important request made by Our Lady, even more important than her request that we pray the Rosary every day. So sitting back and waiting for the Pope to do something, or agitating for the Pope to do something, is not following the requests of Our Lady of Fatima.

    • “In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph”. The pope will consecrate Russia to My Immaculate Heart, and the world will have peace. 2017 is the 100 year anniversary of the appartions of Fatima. Jesus told St. Lucia unless the consecration is done as His Mother requested, his ministers (priests, bishops, cardinals) will have the same fate as the king of France, when the Consecration to our Lord’s Sacred Heart was not done. That fate was the king got his head cut off and the French Revolution started. You Mr. Sockey can spin this anyway you would like. There are those of us who know about the Apparition of Fatima. It seems as your organization knows the Consecration was never done, but because Fr. Fox and now Fr. Apostole both said it was, you have to go along with that. I find it’s really funny you keep pushing the laity part of the Apparition. If as you say, it’s too late, why should we bother to fulfill our part for the Consecration of Russia? You are lying regarding Fr. Gruner. He was a priest in good standing. Talking disrespectfully about a deceased priest is terrible. He spent 38 years of his 40 year priesthood trying to get the Consecration done. Also, Pope Benedect XVI said in 2000 that he who believes the prophetic part of the Apparition is over is deceiving himself. He admitted the Consecration was not done. If so we would have had a era of Catholic peace. When Our lady said Russia would convert, she meant to Catholicism. What Russia has are 90% Russian Orthodox of which, 10% attend chuch. Russia is the country who has more abortions that any other country on the planet. For the object of a consecration, they sure seem anything but a converted country. You simply make no sense!

  17. There is still much confusion about the Message of Fatima, particularly with regard to the consecration of Russia requested of Pope Pius XI by Our Lady. Fortunately, Catholics are not left to their own private interpretations or to their own personal preferences as to which “authorities” to believe on matters of Catholic doctrine or the interpretation of private revelations. We have a magisterium that is guaranteed by the Holy Spirit to always teach the truth.

    In the official account of the Message of Fatima Our Lord did not tell Sister Lucia that if the consecration of Russia was not done His ministers would “have the same fate as the King of France”, viz. having their heads cut off. In the official account He said that like the King of France the Pope would regret not having done what was requested. No doubt all the Popes regretted that Pope Pius XI did not do what Our Lady asked of him, because his failure resulted in very much avoidable suffering and moral corruption within both the world and the Church. This is plain fact, not “spin.”

    St. Ignatius teaches that we should never accuse another Christian of lying, but should attempt to understand the reasons why he or she says something with which we disagree. In this case, the World Apostolate of Fatima is the official Fatima apostolate for the Catholic Church, not a private association. In our teaching we are not following the opinions of private individuals but the official teaching of the Church about the Fatima Message, which Fr. Robert Fox and Fr. Andrew Apostoli are also following.

    My answer to your questions is in my original statement, at the beginning of this discussion. I encourage you to read that statement again. If you think anything in that statement is untrue, please point it out and explain why you think it is untrue.

    Regarding your claim that Fr. Gruner was a priest in good standing, every priest is ordained and serves the Church under the authority of some bishop. The Blue Army received a letter from Fr. Gruner’s bishop many years ago stating that he had broken with his bishop and was acting without any authority in his work in Canada. I believe Fr. Gruner made public his communications with the Sacred Signatura about this, the supreme court of the Catholic Church, and their response that his bishop acted properly. This is not an attack on Fr. Gruner; many priests and others have been treated unfairly by Church offices in the past and it is not impossible that this happened to Fr. Gruner. But nevertheless, the facts are what they are, and indicate that he was not in good standing with his bishop, who was the official representative of the Church for him as a priest.

  18. You addressed nothing I said regarding the consecration of Russia. Where is Russia’s Catholic conversion, where is the peace promised by our Lady, where is the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart? You seem to want to just keep putting Fr. Gruner down. Anyone interested in his good standing. with the Church, can get the book written about him, Fatima Priest. You also did not address my above comment regarding Pope Benedict XVI, about deceiving ourselves if we think the prophetic message of Fatima has occurred. Are you aware of the fact that Pope John Paul II had 32 wars during his pontificate? For the pope who consecrated Russia that seems like a lot. Not to mention 9/11. Is that what you call peace? How about the world today, pretty peaceful from your perspective? As far as you being a church approved organization, so what. Does that mean no one else can have any knowledge about the subject of Fatima. There are plenty of lay Catholics who are very well schooled on the subject. Besides, there are so many Catholics now wise to the fact the consecration was not done. Even Bishop Anthanasius Schneider said it was not done. Oh by the way, he is a Catholic bishop in good standing. So what is the purpose of your organization anyway? If the Fatima message is over and done with, what’s the point. Or is it simply to discredit those who really know what is going on. It’s funny we have had Pope Pius XII, Pope Paul VI, Pope John Paul II, and Pope Francis all do some sort of world consecration or entrustment. Still no peace. And why did Pope John Paul II have the ecumenical prayer get together at Assisi, for the purpose of world peace, in 1986? Didn’t he trust his own consecration just two years earlier?

    • The other request of Our Lady for the conversion of Russia was the practice of the First Saturdays Communion of Reparations, which has largely been ignored. Peace begins in the hearts of people when they are converted and will then spread. Russia had 7 decades of atheism, which drove God out of the public square and the hearts and minds of the people. In an interview with a professor at Moscow University, which we will be posting soon, he gives a very good assessment of what is going on in Russia. He said the Consecration of March 25, 1984, definitely brought change and religious freedom there. There is no more push for atheism, but it takes a long time for the seeds of faith to germinate. People are coming back to the Church and they are being drawn by the beauty and truth, especially through culture and arts. He said to be patient with them and continue to pray for Russia. Please understand that parents and grandparents of the current generation did not pass on the faith to their children because they could not. When Jesus rose from the dead, it took hundreds of years to establish the Church and the Christian civilization. It happened slowly. Pray for the Russian people as Sister Lucia did throughout her whole life. Also, please be aware that in December 1936, Sister Faustina wrote in her diary that she had offered her whole day in prayer for Russia. Jesus told her, that country would “already have been reduced to nothingness” had not people been praying for it. His mercy for that country extends that far back. The conversion of Russia has been placed in the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We must continue to follow what she asked of us, and make up for all the atheism and secularism that has spread throughout the globe because of Russia’s errors. The consecration was done “late” as Our Lord told Sister Lucia. Nevertheless, he said, Russia would be converted because it had been entrusted to His Mother.
      Thank you for your comments.

  19. Mr. Sockey,

    It is clear, now in 2019, that there has not been any Consecration of Russia at all.

    There is no Triumph of the Immaculate Heart in any country at all.

    Please give your mind to the truth of the matter.

    The popes have been in partial – or in Bergoglio’s case, almost total – disobedience and apostasy.

  20. It is evident now in 2020 with the Wuhan virus originating from Communist China, the condition of the papacy under Pope Francis, the horrid abuse scandals and the loss of freedom in the West that the Consecration was not performed. We rejected Our Lady’s instructions and we are reaping the results.
    Pray pray pray — the Rosary and ask God for His divine intervention.

  21. I detect two streams of thought here, both entrenched. The Blue Army goes with church authority . One Pope says it’s not for his time , and others say it’s been done. All of these Popes, Francis the exception, relied on or asked prayers from St Padre Pio. Here is what he said, Russia would convert as our Lady said, and it would be quick! And that Russia would teach America a thing about conversion! Our conversion would be slower but sure. says the only priest who bore the stigmata. Mary’s victory we all agree on, the rest we must all suffer through…

  22. Mr. Sockey,
    Thank you for your article albeit I’m a few years late reading it. I have quoted you on my comment on Life Site News article:
    “Cdl. Burke: There are ‘many in the Church’ who are in ‘practical apostasy’ ”
    As I mentioned in my comment, I pray your article puts to rest once and for all the continuous calumny of Pope St. John Paul II on this matter.

    It now seems very clear why John XXIII did not want to read the Third Secret to the world. With his affiliation with the communists and freemasons, Our Lady’s message would be telling on him and revealing his role in spreading the errors around the world.

    I pray this will bring many readers here to your article.
    May God bless you.

  23. Mr. Sockey,
    I want to share another comment with you since your article link has begun to help bring Pope St. John Paul II’s name out of the mud. The following comment on the same article link above is from a Priest who calls himself “Daniel 9:27″:

    Daniel 9:27
    The following is a sermon given on March 1, 1989 in the Cathedral Church “SS. Nome Di Maria” of the Diocese of Rome by His Holiness John Paul II (aka the Fatima Pope). This Diocese, the Diocese of Rome was under his jurisdiction as Pope and therefore the Bishop of Rome:

    “The moral order, which comes from God, must rule our complete life. His Holiest Will must rule everything. In this is the unity of life. That is how Jesus teaches us; mankind cannot serve two masters, cannot serve God and Mammon.” (These words are more true today than when he said them.) “Today mankind lives as if God doesn’t exist, as if God was not the Creator and the Ruler of the Universe as well as Owner of all wealth and treasure in Heaven and on earth. People believe that all is due to their work and that they can claim all these things for themselves; they are even proud of themselves for their abilities which God Our Lord has given them, without Whom they wouldn’t have them!

    “If man prefers another God and/or other idols, then he will despise God, he will even hate Him and for this he will go to Hell. Now, what is the reason that people go astray so easily; that they lose their way and get lost? It is the absence of respect, through this, man becomes impudent and proud. People claim everything for themselves, or they dare to presume on God’s Charity. The way to Mercy can only be to defeat our ego, can only be the grace of humility, which the Lord gives His people only when they pray for it. The Lord chastens the ones He loves. The one who fears God, that means who has respect for the Creator of the Universe and of the Earth, that one will also give Him the honour that we all owe and he will love to take chastisement and punishment.” (He will be a part of the Mystical Body!)

    “Soon we will have to contend with a new chastisement, which will exceed all previous punishments. Nobody will escape these chastisements!” (he had read the Third Secret of Fatima many, many times) “Either they will lovingly accept and offer up what is happening to them, and will be redeemed immediately,” (martyrdom in the state of Sanctifying Grace means you go straight to Heaven) “like the the good thief on Jesus’ right or they will be lost forever, if they rebel like the other blasphemous thief whose pride wouldn’t let him repent.

    “The worst of all are the blasphemies about God’s loving words which He keeps on sending down to this poor earth through His Mother and His Son. Therefore, outer forms of respect are necessary, because we must not forget, with Whom we will be Face to face” (at judgment).

    “Even in our human sphere, we know certain forms of politeness and when it comes to our dealings with God, we simply delete them? Therefore, once again, I warn you of all forms of infamy, like for example the forbidden Communion in the hand here in my Diocese as well as standing during the many holy acts of the Holy Mass. Nobody knows any more what you celebrate together here at this place. It is nothing less but the death of Our Lord and Saviour, Whom you have to thank for everything. We have regard for human opinion, fear someone might laugh at us and are afraid of losing the advantages of their friendship, BUT WE DON’T FEAR GOD?! I haven’t revoked what any of my predecessors have said about it: It happens on your responsibility, dear Bishops of the foreign Dioceses and I pray for you, that you recognize before it is too late, how wrong your way is!

    “But at this place, my dear Priest and my dear Brothers and Sisters, there is only Communion on the tongue while kneeling down that is allowed; everything which is imported and spread by foreigners is forbidden.

    I say this to you as Your Bishop!”

    It is patently obvious after reading this sermon, that Pope St. John Paul II was using his position as Bishop of Rome to say things that he couldn’t get away with as Pope from the chair of Peter because of the strident opposition and subterfuge of His Cardinals and Bishops. He was obviously trying to bring the documents of Vatican II back into line with the traditional teachings and the Deposit of Faith pre-Vatican II. He used that which was promulgated during Vatican II to curb the power of the Papacy, as his weapon to wage the only war that he could, by using ‘collegiality’ to exercise his Episcopal rights as any other Bishop had a right to. This is a true synopsis of being in the Mystical Body of Christ. How firmly did he believe this, including going back to giving God the kind of loving adoration and reverence that He deserves by receiving Communion on our tongues, on our knees, from the priest! If you would like more proof, check out Redemptionis Sacramentum of April 23, 2004, his last encyclical which was published on the internet first by Spirit Daily and within a few weeks deleted!

    Again, these words are more true today than when he said them!

  24. I’m tired of hearing that St. John Paul ll’s consecration of March 25, 1984, was not valid. This article is excellent at explaining the Consecration and its Validity. Have our hearts become so hardened that we will not act on the Marian Consecration of the Holy Father that was accepted by Heaven. We have a responsibility before God to live the Consecration. The errors of those who do not accept the Consecration are to name a couple; The Pope did not say Russia. Our lady did not request the consecration of the whole world only that of Russia. Are we a people of such ingratitude? It reminds me of the Old Testament when the people had God’s word but it wasn’t good enough for them. Maybe they judged that God didn’t say it right, or didn’t use the right words. Like in the past, God punished the people for their attitude, will he do the same to us.

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