What are we working for?

The International Pilgrim Virgin Satue. Photo by Leslie Ortiz

By David Carollo –

“In the end my Immaculate Heart will Triumph, Russia will be converted and there will be peace.”

These words have always rung in my ears. As an apostolate, we have worked to promote this promise for 73 years. Other promoters of Fatima have worked for this since 1917. During the Cold War we looked to a time when the “evil empire” would be defeated and the Queen of the World would take her place, overseeing a world geared to justice and holiness. This might be an accurate depiction of what we might expect, but we always see things from our own perspective.

At Fatima, Our Lady warned us of many things to come based on our response, or lack thereof, to her requests. The history of the past 103 years is commentary enough. We have witnessed what we most likely could have avoided had we more seriously followed her direction. She knew the path we were on in 1917. Having progressed along that path to perdition, we now find ourselves living in the times that she warned about. Most of the evils of today were predicted. A culture of sin has been established.

Russia will spread her errors, she said. We witnessed the blanket of communism spread across Eastern Europe and impose upon the citizenry an atheistic norm of living and a suppression of the Faith. What we failed to see is the blanket spreading over the West in a form more insidious, replacing spirituality with materialism. A more attractive road to the same destination of ruin. 

Growing up I was taught that there are constants that could not waiver. Objective truth, which the Church proclaimed, was always the basis of law and the regulator of society. In this age of relativism, however, all is being redefined by the desires of the day. Failing to accept the reality that the law of nature, the law of God, is unchanging and must be the foundation of the culture, we have gradually separated from the perfection of Divine law and are moving to a point of absolute chaos.

Hope, however, is the foundation of our existence and our motivation to carry on this work. St. Paul said we’re going to win. Our Lady said her Immaculate Heart will triumph. This triumph will come when we merit it. Our purpose in life as members of this apostolate of prayer and penance is to bring more people to understand this and motivate them to work to this end.

The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Faith, and in light of the fact that a great number gave their lives for the Faith in the past century, we should expect an explosion of grace in the near future.  The triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will come, and the laws of God will once again reign. 

What will it be like?

What will the time of the Triumph look like? Every time that Our Lady has appeared, she has given us a glimpse of heaven, but only a glimpse. We strive for something beyond our sensory abilities. Yet, we know in our hearts that what awaits us on the other side is indescribable. “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him” 1 Cor 2:9.

I envision the time of the Triumph to be a time much like that in the fourth century, after Constantine received the great sign by which he would conquer. When the restraints were taken away, the Faith blossomed and Christian society was established. The incredible accomplishments of the Christian era, both materially and spiritually did not happen in a vacuum. In similar fashion, I believe that this will be a time of great holiness, not necessarily of material prosperity but spiritual abundance. We must be ready to rebuild what is being torn down every day in this war with secularism. St. Louis de Montfort predicted these “latter” times saying that those especially devoted to Mary will fight with one hand and rebuild with another. The Rosary and Eucharistic devotions will lead us in this victory.

Living in the light of God is living in order and serenity. In the time of the Triumph we can expect a time of compliance with God’s wishes on a general basis, and an atmosphere of grace. We will understand our mission and work in an environment of receptiveness. Many eyes will be opened. However, it must be remembered that until the last person on earth breathes their last breath, the devil will work to defeat us and bring as many people as possible to perdition. We must never give up in our battle for souls. 

The road to heaven is rocky, not a smooth pavement. We have been given the directions to navigate it and reach our destination, one that is beyond description. With eyes open let’s work tirelessly to achieve it. Like the apostles who were sent to the four corners of the world to bring the good news, we must give our last bit of energy in this effort. Our Lady expects this of her children.

David Carollo is the Executive Director of the World Apostolate of Fatima USA/Our Lady’s Blue Army.

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5 Responses


    Hi brethren,

    my name is Mithun and I am from kannur district of Kerala, india.
    I am also a visually impairred . and has turned 38 years of age last month
    I was sitting in my home for over 12 years without doing anything since my vission problem worsened during my graduation and which I was unable to complete.
    only very recently only I came to know about this kind of blind federation and blind institute and all and with the help of which I was just trying to comeback to life but still nothing is changing in my life it seems I will end up sitting in my home for the rest of my life. mainly because nobody is hiring me for a job.
    I am basically from a poor Hindu family that is also creating hurdles in my way of seeking jesus and mother mary into my life. what ever rosary or prayers i have to do I have to do that in secret.And I dont have rosary with me either.
    So in brief this is my story

    Sincerely in Christ


    1. Dear Mithun: Thank you for your comments. We are so sorry to hear about your disability and inability to obtain a job. Please know that we will add your needs to our prayers here at the Shrine. And we will also personally pray for you. Jesus and Mary are with you in your poverty and disability. Sometimes it’s hard to know that God is with you, but for some reason, He is allowing you to suffer in this way. We will ask Him to strengthen you and console you in this journey. You are being given a heavy cross to carry. God must be trusting you with a very big spiritual mission, perhaps for the sake of others. If you would like to correspond more, please write back. May the peace of Christ be with you today and always, and may the Blessed Mother in heaven comfort you. St. Jacinta and St. Francisco, please intercede and bring God’s blessings to you.

    2. Dear Mithun,
      Thank you for your response. You will be in our prayers and Masses here. We have a large group of people from Kerala who hold retreats here at our shrine in New Jersey. I am on the International board of the apostolate and work with our groups in both Kalkata and Goa. Very holy people. If you are able to connect with them I will gladly send them your contact information. I would also be happy to send you some books and a rosary if you can receive these.
      Be assure that you are in our thoughts and prayers every day.
      God bless
      David Carollo

    3. I will pray for you! But don’t despair. Many who are without disabilities are not close to God They have no idea who God is. They have not been chosen! They are
      Being led. by the devil! They do not know this so please pray for them. They are in more need than you in a different way Thank God for your life and faith. It’s hard to see this but saints have led very hard lives and stayed with God. You will be healed if He thinks it best for you! He might be keeping you from something bad if you could see well. TRUST IN GOD!

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