Week 1 – Lent with Jacinta – The “sins of impurity”

Jacinta is carried through the crowds after the vision of hell.

“More sinners go to hell because of sins of impurity more than any other.”

Could nine-year-old Jacinta Marto even imagine what was meant by “sins of impurity” (often stated as sins of the flesh), when she was given this serious message by the Blessed Mother at Fatima?

Jacinta could certainly imagine hell – because she had seen it.
But she had not seen what sins of impurity look like – things people do behind closed doors, or in their thoughts and actions that defile their minds and bodies, their dignity and the dignity of others. She was too young and innocent to know of these things.

Which makes this statement from the Blessed Mother all the more real to us. The only reason the Blessed Mother would have given this message to her is because Jacinta would make reparation for these sins – whatever they are – if they caused someone to go to hell.

And the Blessed Mother had also told the three Fatima children that many people go to hell because they have no one to pray and make sacrifices for them.

So, Jacinta understood how serious this statement was.

As someone so intimate with Mary’s Immaculate Heart, Jacinta was concerned about the same things as her – the salvation of souls. Jacinta stated that she often felt a burning inside her that caused her to love the Hearts of Jesus and Mary even more. She was experiencing the fire of God’s love – a love that burns without hurting, a love that purifies the soul and saves it.

Having experienced this fire of God’s love, the fire of hell was such a stark contrast! 

Just seeing hell caused Jacinta to become a victim soul for God. She saw the consequences of unrepented sins. It does not matter if a society reclassifies these things as personal “rights” or “free choice” or “socially acceptable” or “legal” – in hell, they are sins that have greatly offended God.

Freedom without consequences, pleasure without conscience, laws without morality are nothing more than the lie that the serpent told Eve in the Garden:  “You certainly will not die … you will be like gods who know what is good and what is bad” (Gen. 3:4).

Ven. Pope Pius XII said: “Mainly thru the sins of impurity do the forces of darkness subjugate souls.” This is the devil’s key weapon with our youth today. Our senses today are plagued by this. You cannot turn on the internet, radio, TV, go to the movies, and read a book or without our senses being assaulted. If your senses are not assaulted, then you need to re-evaluate and see if you have been desensitized to these attacks. 

We see every day the consequences of sins of the flesh in the Sexual Revolution gone astray, which has led to rampant divorce and remarriage, co-habitation, adultery, redefinition of marriage, adult and child porn, sex-slavery, hooking up, and all the latest in sexual fetishes that people – even married couples – often involve themselves in out of boredom, curiosity and eventually addiction.  

The scope of these things didn’t even exist to the degree they do today, when Jacinta was given this message.

Live according to the Spirit

St. Paul makes clear that we are to live according to the spirit, not the flesh. And because we are powerless to do this, God came to us through His Son in the likeness of “sinful flesh” to condemn – not the person – but the “sin in the flesh” (Rom. 8:2).  His warning is clear: “If you live according to the flesh, you will die, but if by the spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live (Rom. 8:13).

St. Paul even goes so far as to say that the consequences of abandoning God and exchanging His truth for our own lies, is that we are “handed over” to the impurity of our own lusts. It becomes our punishment. Our minds become undiscerning and darkened. We have a desire for things that are unnatural, for the degradation of our own bodies, for degrading passions and to do what is improper. 

The due penalty for our own perversity is to be “slaves” to our flesh; and the only way we can live with our perversity is to force everyone else to approve of it.  For St. Paul states:  “Although they know the just decree of God and all who practice such things deserve death, not only do they do them but give approval to those who practice them” (Rom. 1:32).

The Blessed Mother didn’t tell St. Jacinta anything that isn’t already revealed in God’s revelation. But little Jacinta took these sins – sins she could not even imagine – upon herself as Christ did on the Cross, and she repaired for them.

This Lent, let us repair for the sins of impurity in ourselves and in our culture, and obtain the graces for many to turn back to God and avoid hell for all eternity.

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  1. Excellent article. Thank you for the reminder of little Jacinta’s suffering for the sins of impurity.

  2. Truly a beautiful article written about my Patron Saint. Thank you.

  3. Almost was lost to this thank GOD I now pray everyday to remain in the Spirt. The world today is a very dark place.
    Praise God

  4. The world is upside down right now…. confusion everywhere… but many not realizing it IS confusion. I understand best when thinking of a good friend who I admire greatly in his saying … “striving to be not of this world”… literally.. thank God for Lent… that we fully understand the consequences of thoughts… not just actions … and seek purity in our love of God and the intercession of the Blessed Mother … and those who believe.. and love us… determined in our salvation. The Blessed Mother gave us Her Rosary… so we may be continuously knowing and close to Her Son. I tell everyone to check out joining Her Confraternity of The Rosary.. and reading “The Fifteen Promises of Mary to Christians Who Recite the Rosary. Not sure how anyone could not then say a daily Rosary. Amazing. Takes 20-min to say a heartfelt segment of the Rosary. How many times a day do we unconsciously waste 20-min… and more.

    • Many years Our Lord and Our Heavenly Mother patiently waited for me to say a daily Rosary. I was too lazy! Then in 2015 after one of many confessions, I felt enough shame in myself to begin a daily Rosary! I just now thanked the Lord for giving me all that time to get real and start the daily Rosary. Now, lets pray that many, many more souls pray the Rosary everyday!

  5. Sobering and terrifying.

    • That’s why saying the Rosary is so comforting and strengthening. What a great gift we have in the Rosary!

  6. I love little Jacinta, her wisdom and understanding was beyond her age and culture. She has helped so many and given us such an example of sacrifice and sharing in Christ’s suffering.
    Thank you for this article and all of your newsletters. God Bless you all.

  7. Real Freedom is in doing God’s will: thank you for this beautiful reminder of real love: God’s amazing love for us all.

  8. Such wisdom from such a tiny little one, Jacinta. Oh, to be as accepting and open as she was to the Word of God as it was explained by the Mother of Jesus. Mary is always there, to encourage us, to set us back on the right road, the right direction. Our secular world is so-much influenced by Satan and his evil works. And God’s people go along with all the sinful, licentious, abnormal, even horrendous ways of man, freely abandoning the example and words of our Holy Mother. We must pray more this Lent, offering our small sacrifices, alms and fasting for the sake of reaching our brothers and sisters, who do not believe, who do not think about their future, who are spending their good lives running after pagan goals and practices. God help our sick world!

  9. This is wonderfully written and true n so important I too join with Jicinta in her desire to help save Souls for no Father should loose a child n for every Soul saved is one not Lost.

  10. God is good and all forgiving of my sins, as a recovering alcoholic and my past fear of God. I had tried to end my life many times in my darkness and emotional pain, a lot of guilt in the past because of that. In my recovery they (A.A. people) kept talking about God and I remember telling people in recovery I cannot make this program because I cannot deal with this “God stuff”. These wonderful wise people continued to support me and love me and reassured me “It is God as we understand Him” I was also told don’t worry about it, so I didn’t worry about it any more I could handle that idea. I knew the people in A.A. loved me and just wanted me to get well. Over time I could finally love myself, I’ve been wonderfully sober all these years, July 17, 1975. God is my everything today, and He has been for a long time He saved me and placed people in my life to carry His message, God has a lot of angles helping Him, Thank you and God Bless us all. I’m reading my Bible for this lent season. During Mass on Ash Wednesday Father suggested we do that what a great idea! Just as your excellent article has awakened my heart, thank’s again.

    • Thank you for this. I have been in recovery for 10 yrs. When I joined AA, I describe myself as the girl in the corner in the fetal position, wanting to die but also wanting to live. I was physically, emotionally and spiritually bankrupt. Through patience, my faith in God returned. God is the way and the cure. I pray daily “to have knowledge of God’s will for me and the power to carry it out”. I have turned my “life and my will over to the care of God”. I never knew how wonderful my life could be. During Lent, I will concentrate on where I am needed and pray for the saving of souls. The world is very dark, but if I cling to God, I can get through. The St Michael prayer is recited by me nightly and has great meaning for the world

  11. It is interesting to note that each child had a particular part of the Fatima Message to emphasize. Jacinta’s emphasis was to pray and sacrifice for the conversion of sinners, Francisco’s was to console and receive the “Hidden Jesus”, and Lucia’s was to spread and practice the Message of Fatima.

  12. Lament every day that there are so many Catholics who have fallen away from the church and they must have fallen away from. God also ?! None in my family have stayed and some are just living together with a loved one We need lots of begging up to God to wake these people up!
    I pray all to know this life is not the end. We have another to live as our souls !! Are they choosing hell or a very long purgatory. ?!

  13. This is a deep , heart-rending meditation ! I do love Jacinta and understand that we must make reparation for all the evil in our culture / world . The rosary daily for the killing of unborn babies , those who don’t believe in God and His love and mercy or simply refuse because they would have to change their life to return to God in His Church . Let’s all pray for the salvation of souls , our priests and bishops to lead holy lives and for those who have caused so much scandal in this sex abuse crisis . Our Blessed Mother is crying but still will lead us to her Son if we become humble as little children at Fatima . Thankyou . Glory and praise to God through Mary ! Amen

  14. Thank you Lord for having your Mother reveal to children to repair for the sins of impurity we so desperately need to to be cleansed from. I send out my Lenten prayers and sacrifices to repaair any sins of impurity. Sent from the land of St Damien of Molkai in Hawaii.

  15. Indeed

  16. I feel that Carol Seely said it all . We must help each other on our paths to heaven. We are all Thine and all that we have is Thine all loving Jesus thru Mary Thy Holy Mother. Thank you for all that you are doing to help us stay close to Our Lord and His Mother. God Bless. Anne

  17. Excellent article. The article refers to Pope Pius the 22nd when I think they mean Pope Pius the 12th which was the last Pope named Pius.

    • You are correct. This has been changed in the article. Thanks for catching that.

  18. I agree. we can only avoid these impurities by avoiding the occasions of sin. I pray the rosary every day for our country. I firmly believe that God chose us to lead the free world. The only way to do this is by example! When you look at the poverty in this world and compare it to what we have, you can only reach the same conclusion that I have. We have been chosen by God to lead. We need to repent, go back to the gold standard {honest money}, reduce the size of the Federal government and bring it into compliance with the Constitution, limited government with clearly defined powers. God Bless us all and may have mercy on us. Warm Regards, Robert Calabro

  19. I am so in love with the Children of Fatima! Their desire for the salvation of all souls is an inspiration to all of us. I have just recently read a new book titled “Worrier To Warrior written by a young man named John Tomasello and carries the Imprimatur of the Bishop of Buffalo, NY. The world needs to read this book because it is inspired by the Holy Spirit and will draw the whole world to the message of Fatima and the salvation of souls

    • Thank you for the recommendation. Will look into it.

  20. I Wish

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