The times call for reparation and strong leadership

by David Carollo –

Looking at our divided nation today, some will argue that this time is no worse than the time of the Civil War, but I disagree.  Today we find ourselves in a battle between good and evil, between God and the devil.  Our political dilemma is a result of the spiritual decay, which has permeated our nation and the whole world.  It is evident in the lack of true leadership in our institutions, stemming from a society that has not developed enough virtuous leaders. St. Joseph is a man who understood the responsibilities of leadership, particularly those necessary in fatherhood. He is the model for leadership. 2021 is a year dedicated to St. Joseph by our apostolate and for the Church, as decreed by the Holy Father.

As devotees of Our Lady, we are dedicated to supporting the rights of God and to restoring society to the foundations upon which it was built.  In 2020, we called for all to “become prayer,” making every action a prayer as we were directed at Fatima. In 2021, we are asking all to devote their lives to making reparation, also a request made at Fatima.  

Our values are under attack like never before. Many are concerned that these attacks will increase in the future. They may be right, but we are undeterred in our commitment to change the world and bring about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart. Our values have always been contrary to the world, which is focused on the attainment of material goods. We are fighting for the soul of the nation. We are alive today because God created us for this moment in history. How lucky we are to stand in His light during dark times. We must prove ourselves worthy of His call. The mission of bringing the Fatima message to the world is as important today as it was in 1917, perhaps even more so. We are on the side of victory.

One hundred and three years ago, Our Lady warned us that Russia would spread her errors.  On November 20, we recalled the 100th anniversary of the decree that brought the legalization of abortion in Russia by the new Bolshevik government; ratifying their conviction that God had no place in a “secular paradise.” Abortion was a direct stab at the Giver of life. Today many in positions of political authority in this country and around the world do the same by taking positions contrary to the laws of God.  We must always vote for those who support the laws of God; however, we must acknowledge that no leader can successfully lead people who are not set on living right.  By repairing the rift with Him, we will see His grace correct the many political and social ills of this day.

On my trips to Russia, I have visited the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow. After the Communists took power in 1917, the original church was destroyed, and a large municipal swimming pool was built on the site. Later, a plan to erect the tallest structure in the world with a statue of Lenin on the top was revealed. He would stand in secular glory, looking down on the masses. It was not meant to be, however, and today on that site stands the rebuilt Cathedral church. Evil had its day but did not prevail. So will it be for us.

St. Joseph lived with the only two people in history who were born free of original sin and remained sinless throughout their lives. He guided and preserved them for their mission. It is for this reason that he will do the same for us. During the Miracle of the Sun on October 13, 1917, St. Joseph appeared holding the Child Jesus, signifying that he would be with us going forward after the Fatima apparitions to guide its propagation. We commemorate the Nativity of Our Lord this week.  As St. Joseph led Mary to the place where the Savior of the world would be born, let us ask him to lead us on the path of holiness and to lead this apostolate in the mission of bringing souls to God. Let us ask him to guide us through these difficult times.  

Next week, we will be announcing our speaker line-up for the First Saturday series beginning January 2, 2021. We hope you will participate in all that we have planned for the year.

 I wish all of you a very Blessed Christmas and a happy and holy New Year.

David M. Carollo is the Executive Director of the World Apostolate of Fatima USA – Our Lady’s Blue Army

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