The story of Lucia’s two birthdays

Lucia dos Santos – Mar. 28, 1907 – Feb. 13, 2005

Fatima seer Lucia dos Santos, was born on March 28, 1907 – Holy Thursday.  That morning, her mother had gone to Mass and received Communion, intending to return to the church later that afternoon for a visit to the Blessed Sacrament.  But that was not to be, as the little shepherdess was born.

Lucia’s father, Antonio, knew the parish priest would not baptize a child less than eight days old on Holy Saturday and he did not want Lucia to spend Easter Sunday without being baptized. So he registered Lucia as being born on March 22, making her nine days old on Holy Saturday, so the priest could not refuse to baptize her that day.  Lucia learned of this incident when she overheard her mother explaining it to Fr. Manuel Nunes Formigao, a priest who gathered much of the early information about the apparitions by interviewing the three children and family members on multiple occasions.

Throughout her life, Lucia celebrated her birthday on March 22, but in later years, celebrated her real birthday on March 28 with her Carmelite community. She always joked that she received her first Communion on the day she was born, thanks to her mother’s visit to Mass that day.

Happy birthday Lucia today and happy birthday for real on March 28.

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  1. Thank you for these sites, they are so beautiful, and are helping me know and learn more of my Catholic faith. I am a cradle Catholic, and have always been very close to Our Lady of Fatima, Our Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven and earth! Have a beautiful Lent and Easter .

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