The Repositions

By Father James Walling

As Holy Mother the Church has been pondering the Passion of our Lord, especially today, let us consider how Jesus invites us to rest in him during any suffering we may undergo. Following upon the poetic wisdom of The Beatitudes, let us also consider The Repositions, where we take repose in the Lord whenever we have a shared experience of his own Sacred Passion.

Reposed are the faithful

For deceptions cannot penetrate them.

Reposed are the hopeful

For despair cannot saturate them.

Reposed are they who seek understanding

For they shall find integrity of mind and heart.

Reposed are they who are tempted to discouragement

For the Peace of Christ shall be their easy yoke, and the Charity of Christ shall buoy them up.

Reposed are they who call upon the name of the Lord and rejoice in God their Savior

For on the day of battle they shall trample the young lion and the dragon.

Reposed are you who consume the Body of Christ

For He is your holiness and the joy of your youth.

Reposed are you when you are forgotten, betrayed, suspected, or overlooked

For the Lord, who also suffered such opprobrium, says to you “Fall into my wounds and you will find rest for your soul.

Reposed are you when the amusements of the world seem tepid and the consolations of the Lord cease

Rejoice and be glad

For this is born of God and your divinization is at hand just as the Lord disciplined the holy souls who preceded you and fashions them into Judges of Angels.

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