The Four Goods

By Father James Walling, National Blue Army Shrine Chaplain –

The question came up concerning what is good in our lives and I was thinking of the four goods:  good food, good exercise, good sleep and good conscience.

Good food:  Jesus refused to turn stones into bread for Himself, but He baked fish for His apostles.  Find out what foods give you strength and nourishment and stay away from what foods robs you of them – such as sugar!

Good exercise:  Jesus walked everywhere and He went on everything:  sand, mountains, water.  Get your heart pumping 30 minutes a day for four or five days a week.  Challenge your body, but don’t run it ragged!

Good sleep:  Jesus slept in a boat during a sea storm.  He did this in order to teach His apostles about faith, as if to say, “If you had come to me first, you would not have stressed out and have your meltdown.  Rather, I would have calmed the storm right away and you would have such good sleep, you would have awoken laughing!”

Good conscience:  Learn the teachings of the Church and live them.  Go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation and confess your sins – not someone else’s.  Say with St. Joan of Arc, “If I am not in the state of grace, may it please the Lord to put me there. If I am in the state of grace, may it please the Lord to keep me there.”

Good food, good exercise, good sleep and good conscience.  Do these four goods, and you will not be far from the kingdom of God.

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