Post-Pandemic, Not Post-Catholic

by David M. Carollo – In 2020 and 2021, in response to the directives of government officials, businesses and churches were closed to stop the spread of the Covid virus. Many felt that this was a stronger response than necessary, and that alternate solutions could have been found to assure the health of the populace. […]

The Fatima Seers and Lent

by Donal Anthony Foley – Catholics are living through Lent this year at the same time the world is gradually coming to terms with the COVID 19 pandemic – a pandemic that has caused widespread problems for people across the globe. If we go back 100 years, the Spanish flu was likewise wreaking havoc around […]

A Spiritual Pandemic

By David Carollo – During major events, words such as pandemic become part of the dialogue of everyday life. A pandemic is defined as a disease prevalent over the whole country, or the world. No doubt we are dealing with a significant health crisis, but we need to look at this from a different perspective. […]

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