Be still and know the Lord wants to heal us

By Michaelyn Hein – A couple years ago, my daughter fell down our basement steps and gashed her eyebrow. “It needs stitches,” my husband told me over the phone. “Meet me at the hospital.” An hour later, I found myself doing the job a mother detests. I helped a nurse hold my screaming 4-year-old down […]

#Godstrong: We don’t have this – but God does

By Michaelyn Hein – A strange phenomenon has plagued families in recent decades. It is the problem of children attaching more to their peers than to their parents. This “peer orientation,” as Dr. Gordon Neufeld, PhD, comments, has become so common in our society, “that we don’t realize its insidiousness.” The trouble is that children […]

Masculinity is not ‘toxic’ – it is a gift!

by Michaelyn Hein – The family room television flashed from commercial to commercial as my son lounged in front of it, exhausted from the heat of the summer day he’d just been out running around in. From the kitchen, I half listened to it as I bustled about, preparing dinner. The next commercial that came […]

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