Messy Rosaries are Blessed Rosaries

by Michaelyn Hein – “Hail Mary, full of grace,” we recited, as our four-year-old dived off the couch to the floor. Not to be outdone, our daughter followed her little brother, though with an intention not to crash to the carpet but to step carefully into a cartwheel. “We are not done with the Rosary,” […]

Devotion to St. Joseph Obtains More Than We Can Ask

by Donal Anthony Foley – St. Joseph has a treasured position in the Church as regards Catholic devotion, a position that was greatly enhanced in 1870, when Pope Pius IX declared him the Patron and Guardian of the Universal Church. The pope made this declaration because during his life on earth, Joseph was the foster […]

The Immaculate Conception and the absolute purity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

by Prof. Michael Ogunu – The Immaculate Conception is, according to Roman Catholic doctrine, the conception of the Virgin Mary without any stain (immacula in Latin) of original sin. Hence, Mary is sometimes called the Immaculata (the Immaculate One). The Immaculate Conception was solemnly defined as a dogma by Pope Pius IX in his Ineffabilis […]

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