The Rosary makes possible an intimate relationship with God

Lent with Lucia – Week 6

“All people of good will can and must say the Rosary every day. Why?
In order to put ourselves into contact with God, to thank Him
for his benefits and ask Him for the graces we need.”

Lucia calls the Rosary a prayer that places us in familiar contact with God, like a son that goes to his father to talk to him about his special concerns and receive his guidance and blessing.

Furthermore, it is a powerful means to help preserve us in our faith, hope and charity.

“Pray the Rosary every day,” Our Lady said at Fatima. She didn’t say, “Go to Mass every day.” Lucia explains that’s because Mass, which provides us a means of meditation on the Gospel and of intimate contact with God, may not be possible for every one every day. But the Rosary is easily within our reach.

“It is something everyone can do from anywhere…Even for those people who do not know how, or who are not able to recollect themselves sufficiently to meditate, the simple act of taking the rosary in their hands in order to pray is already to become mindful of God, and the mention in each decade of a mystery of the life of Christ recalls Him to their minds; this in turn will light in their souls the gentle light of faith, which supports the still smoldering wick, preventing it from extinguishing itself altogether.”

There are very few truly contemplative souls who are able to preserve and maintain within themselves an intimate relationship with God; thus, the Rosary helps lead people into meditation, is easy to learn, and helps maintain an intimate relationship with God, says Lucia. It places us in the presence of God in order to reflect on one or other of the revealed mysteries of the life of Christ, some point of doctrine, the Law of God, or one of the virtues we find in Jesus or Our Lady.

Daily prayer, especially the Rosary, gives us the opportunity to look at ourselves and see whether we are lacking certain virtues corresponding to our meditation. “Do we need to increase in faith, humility, charity, or a spirit of sacrifice in order to overcome our repugnance and difficulties, our defects and temptations? All this is accomplished in an intimate conversation with the Lord, discussing everything with Him, confident that it is He who will give us the light, grace and strength to remain faithful to the end.”

The Rosary is biblical and liturgical

“I assure you that the Rosary is a biblical prayer and that it is part of the sacred Liturgy,” Lucia writes. The Our Father and Hail Mary are found in Scripture and are recited in the Mass (the Hail Mary on various feast days) and in the Liturgy of the Hours; the Glory Be is recited in the Liturgy of the Hours.

The Decade Prayer, which Mary taught the three seers at Fatima, “Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins, saves us from the fires of hell. Lead all souls to heaven, especially those who are most in need,” is similar to what occurs in the Mass when we begin the Holy Sacrifice by confessing our sins and asking pardon for these sins.

Asking pardon for those who are most in need refers to those in greatest danger of damnation, adds Lucia. “With this (Decade) prayer, we ask God to apply to us the fruit of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, that is, the salvation of souls, together with forgiveness of our own sins.”

“Thus, I believe that, after the liturgical prayer of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the prayer of the holy Rosary, because of its origin and the sublime nature of the prayers which compose it, and also on account of the mysteries of our redemption which we recall and contemplate in each decade, is the most pleasing prayer we can offer to God, and the one most beneficial to our own souls. If this were not so, Our Lady would not have recommended it with such insistence.”

Lucia quotes a number of popes throughout the history of the Church who have recommended the Rosary. Pope Pius IX said on his death bed: “The Rosary is a compendium of the Gospel, and gives to those who pray it those rivers of peace of which the Scriptures speak; it is the most beautiful devotion, the most abundant in grace, and the most pleasing to the Heart of Mary. My sons, let this be the testimony by which you remember me on earth.” (Feb. 1878)

Pope Pius XI said, “The Holy Rosary is not only a weapon to put to light the enemies of God and of Religion but, above all, it fosters and nourishes the Gospel virtues. And, in the first place, it reanimates the Catholic faith by contemplation of the divine mysteries and improves our understanding of the truths revealed by God.” (Ingravescentibus malis, Sept. 29, 1937) He granted a plenary indulgence for the recitation of the Rosary in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

And St. John Paul II called the Rosary “a prayer marvelous in its simplicity and in its depth!… I cordially exhort all to pray it.”

The Rosary is far from monotonous

Finally, to those who say the Rosary is antiquated and monotonous, Lucia has this to say:

“Is there anything at all which lives except through the continual repetition of the same actions? God created everything that exists in such a way that it is kept alive by the continual repetition of the same actions. Thus, in order to preserve our life, we breathe in and breathe out always in the same way; our heart beats all the time according to the same rhythm. The stars, the moon, the planets, the earth follow always the same course, which God has laid down for them. Day follows night, year after year, always in the same way. Likewise the sun gives us light and warmth. In so many plants the leaves appear in the spring, then they are clothed with flowers, next they yield fruit and, in autumn or winter, they lose their leaves.

“Thus, everything follows the law which God has laid down for it, and yet it never occurs to anyone to say that it is monotonous…The fact is that we need all this in order to live. Well then, in the spiritual life we experience the same need to repeat continually the same prayers, the same acts of faith, hope and charity in order to live, since our life is a continual participation in the life of God.”

“Those who pray the Rosary daily are like children who every day, manage to find a few moments just to be with their father…It is an exchange of love…it is a mutual giving.”

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  1. I say the rosary every day and meditate on the life of Christ; but, I never thought of it in the way Sister Lucia put it. It has opened my mind to think of my time in prayer of the rosary to conversation with the Father.

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