Mother Angelica, 1923 – 2016

mother angelica at shrine

Mother Angelica at the National Blue Army Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima in 1986.

The Church and the world lost an icon of American Catholicism on Easter Sunday.  Mother Angelica, foundress of Eternal Word Television Network, passed away at the age of 92.  Rita Rizzo made her religious profession in 1947 and for more than half a century she worked tirelessly in the vineyard of the Lord. She knew the power of the media and had an understanding of the need for a Catholic presence there.

In the early 1980’s she spoke at our Shrine in New Jersey about her vision. Several people who had hoped to see the Blue Army start a television network on our grounds were in attendance. All, including our leadership, saw that the prudent thing to do was to put their support behind her efforts.

EWTN has become the predominant media voice of Catholicism worldwide, due to her hard work and that of those who joined her directly in vows; as well as the many professionals who came forth to develop her network. The vision of Mother Angelica and her direction still remain the blueprint for success. The strong spirituality of the men’s and women’s religious communities founded by Mother Angelica provide the foundation for the work.

The World Apostolate of Fatima has been honored to participate in a number of programs aired on the network over the years and continues to be involved in projects with them.

A quote by Mother Angelica on the EWTN website this morning explains her best. “You see, God expects His people to do the ridiculous so that He can do the miraculous.”

I have never had the honor of meeting her personally, but have worked with many who knew her well. Her spirit is apparent in them.

We have enrolled her in our Perpetual Mass Association. May she rest in peace.

David M Carollo

Executive Director

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  1. Good afternoon, Blue Army Shrine,
    My family and I so loved Mother Angelica, we believe she will be canonized a Saint soon due to her miraculous recoveries and all she did. We pray to her always. Does the Shrine sell any of the rosaries which were touched to her body or any other articles? Please pray for me, as I work in Belvidere, NJ which is not far from Washington, NJ that I pray my employer will make me permanent here and that the buzzing noise in my ear will stop completely and to find a good virgin man to marry and have children with. Thank you and God bless,

    Michelina Giuliano

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