Miracles in the making? The many blessings of a Pilgrim Virgin Statue tour

The National Pilgrim Virgin Statue visited St. Mary’s Byzantine Catholic School in Cleveland

by Catherine Moran, Ph.D. –

From Sept. 25 – Oct. 20, 2019, my World Apostolate of Fatima, Byzantine Division was honored and privileged to sponsor a tour of the National Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima (NPVS) in my diocese, the Ukrainian Byzantine Eparchy of Parma, OH.  Many graces and blessing always accompany the NPVS during these tours.

Great crowds of people came to pray and give honor and homage to Our Heavenly Mother during this time of grace. The people did not come and leave quickly though.  The majority spent time in quiet prayer and meditation before this beautiful image of Our Lady. Upon leaving the church, many would stop and tell me, “Thank you for bringing Our Lady’s statue today,” or “I don’t know why, but I really do not want to leave because I have such of feeling of peace and serenity.”  The main phrase I heard all month long was “a feeling of peace and serenity.” Many also left with a feeling of acceptance of God’s will in their lives.

The people came and prayed for their families, for conversions, for health, for jobs and many other intentions. But many came to pray for physical healings. Whenever the sick pray for physical healings or cures to Our Blessed Mother, the main question asked is, “Why are some healing and some not healed?”  Our Lady gave us the answer to this question at Fatima on Sept. 13, 1917, when Lucia asked Our Lady to heal the people who had requested it. Our Lady answered, “Yes, I will cure some, but not others.” Then she promised a miracle in October so that “all may believe.”  In the October apparition, she also promised to cure some and not others, adding, “They must amend their lives and ask forgiveness for their sins.” I know from my spiritual reading that sometimes illnesses are the means to a person’s salvation. We do not know God’s will in these matters.

During the tour in my diocese, people did come back to report what they believe were miraculous cures, and to thank Our Lady for these physical healings. But those who came back to give thanks are like the gospel story of the healing of the 10 lepers, when only one, a Samaritan, came back to give thanks to God. The parents of a 10-year-old boy with lung cancer, came back to give thanks for what might have been the cure of their son. A woman came back to give thanks for possibly being cured of her breast cancer. The most amazing was the 32-year-old mother of three children, who was thought to have been brain dead for three days, on life support and kidney dialysis, and woke up talking with no problems. Although we cannot make claims of miraculous cures, we can never deny these. Our Lady’s intercessory power is beyond our imagination.

But the most important healings are the spiritual conversions. There were many during the month long tour. A woman came into the church and spent quite some time praying.  Upon leaving the church I noticed she was crying. I asked her what was wrong and could I help her. She answered, “I came here cynical and only out of curiosity and while here, Our Lady touched my heart with her love and I can’t stop crying.” 

There was a heroin addict who came to pray and ask for help in overcoming his addiction. The young man told me when his grandfather was dying he asked his grandson to always wear his brown scapular, which he gave to him, and to carry his rosary. The young man agreed. The grandfather knew of his grandson’s addiction to heroin. Six weeks before the NPVS visitation, the young man was out in a wooded area and shot up heroin that was laced fentanyl. He fell and gashed his head. As he lay there dying, he was found unresponsive, but was miraculously saved by the paramedics. The man told me he credited this to his grandfather’s brown scapular, which, as requested, he always wore. At the time he told me this he had been sober for four weeks and had come to thank Our Lady for saving him and to ask for her assistance with his addiction.

Finally, there was a grandmother who brought her 4-year-old grandson to the Shrine of Our Lady Comforter of the Afflicted. I remember watching the little boy kneeling attentively and quietly before the NPVS for quite a while. The rest of the story was published in the shrine bulletin October 20: 

Miracles are Still Happening – Recently, when the NPVS was brought here to our Shrine, a four-year-old boy, named Jack, came to see her. He asked his grandmother, “Why is she crying?”  A sign by the statue said: “Do not touch her, She will touch you.”  To see her tears, when no else did, this four-year- old WAS TOUCHED by the Blessed Virgin Mary!  Jesus said, “Let the children come to Me for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them,” May this blessing guide and stay with him forever.

Wherever Our Lady’s beautiful statue goes, graces, conversions and blessings abound.  We only need to ask and we receive. This month-long tour was not only grueling, hard work, but also a humbling experience. Many people came seeking and asking. All were thankful. Everyone upon leaving the church would stop and say, “Thank you.”  You could see that they were visibly touched by the loving heart of Our Heavenly Mother. The graces and blessings that come from these tours continue long after the statue leaves the diocese. They are miracles in the making.

If you are interested in having the National or International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Fatima come to your diocese or parish, contact Patrick Sabat, psabat@bluearmy.com or visit Bluearmy.com.

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  1. Thank you Patrick Sabat for all of your hard work for Our Lady. We are looking forward to Her spring 2020 visit to us on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Please pray that we can overcome all the hurdles. God bless you Patrick with peace, joy and health this New Year.

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  3. God Bless You!

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