Diocese of Manchester, NH

Welcome to the Manchester, NH Diocesan Division of the World Apostolate of Fatima U.S.A.
Our Lady’s Blue Army”

Manchester NH Bishop Libasci
We operate under the ecclesiastical authority of
Most Reverend Peter A. Libasci, Bishop of Manchester.

Spiritual Director:
Rev. Marc R Montminy, 603-893-8661

Leadership Team

Carolyn Scanlon, President, 603-772-0906 – carolyn.scanlon@comcast.net
Linda Worden, Vice-President, 603-659-5503 – hoovie323@comcast.net
Liliana MacKenzie, Treasurer, 603-894-6583 – lilymackenzie19@gmail.com
Cindy Lambert, Secretary, 603-659-3156 – cmlambert1955@gmail.com
Suzanne Aponovich, Board Member, 603-883-2168 – rosarybvm@yahoo.com
Darlene Capalbo, Board Member, 603-520-3433 – bodymindspiritmassage@aol.com
Pauline Copeley, Board Member, 603-545-8496 – pauline.copeley@gmail.com
Ina Castanga, Board Member, 603-858-3020 – inacastanga@comcast.net
Dorreen Currier, Board Member, 603-319-6797 – rubyangel37@comcast.net

You are welcome to contact any member of our Leadership Team with questions or comments.

Events & Photos
2020 – 2021 WAF-NH Events Calendar

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2020 Spring Newsletter
2020 Summer Newsletter
2020 Fall Newsletter

Prayer Cells
For information about World Apostolate of Fatima Prayer Cells in our diocese, please click here: Prayer Cells.

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