Little Shepherds of Fatima Program

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This program teaches grammar school children about Fatima, how to pray the rosary and the importance of praying it every day.
It also engages them in the New Evangelization.

There are six steps in the program and an endless number of ways to encourage the children to continue praying the rosary after becoming Little Shepherds of Fatima.

First:  The story of Fatima is told to the children. This can be done by showing The Day the Sun Danced” DVD or reading the story from a book.
Second:  Convey the importance of praying the rosary daily by discussing the movie or the story read and pointing out that Our Lady asked Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta to pray the rosary during each of her six apparitions.
Third:  Teach the children how to pray the rosary by praying one decade during each school day or home education gathering.
Fourth:  Explain how the children can become Little Shepherds of Fatima.
Fifth:  Hand out the Rosary Partner forms for the children to take home.
Sixth:  When a child brings in a completed form congratulate them and let them know their certificate will be awarded in the presence of the class either before or right after the class prays a decade of the rosary on the next school day.

Once there are a number of Little Shepherds of Fatima in the school or a home education gathering group you might arrange form them to meet – perhaps in the chapel if there is one nearby – to pray the rosary together.
You might also encourage Little Shepherds who live close to one another to gather in one of their homes once per week to pray the rosary together. If there were a rotation of homes the example might impress and eventually interest their parents.
And wouldn’t it be wonderful if the pastor of the parish permitted the Little Shepherds of Fatima to occupy one or more font pews to lead the rosary before one of the Sunday Masses once each month or even more frequently.

Supplies Required:  In addition to the DVD and book mentioned in step one above, rosaries, How to Pray the Rosary pamphlets and self-designed Little Shepherds Rosary Partner Forms are all you will need.
This Little Shepherds Rosary Partner Form provides a starting point. It is in Microsoft Word format so that you can save the header and title and then modify in accord with the number of required Rosary Partners and use whatever format appeals to you. When you click on the link the form will be downloaded to the “download folder” on your computer. From there you can move to wherever you like and edit it as you wish. Be sure to click on “Enable Editing” when the document opens on your computer.

Questions about the program should be directed to our National Coordinator, Deacon Bob Ellis at 920-371-1931 or rellis@bluearmy.com.

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