Lent with Jacinta

Lent with St. Jacinta

St. Jacinta Marto had a very special relationship with the Blessed Mother and carried out her deep devotion to Mary’s Immaculate Heart by embracing a sacrificial life in reparation for the sins of mankind. After the apparitions and especially during her long bout of illness, Our Lady visited Jacinta on numerous occasions, especially when she was sick in the hospital. In fact, Jacinta had a chair next to her bed that she did not want removed because that was where the Blessed Mother sat when she visited her.

Mary gave her messages that had to do with the ways in which we fall into sin and offend God. Jacinta shared these with Mother Godhino, a Sister in the order of ? who cared for Jacinta.  Each Sunday in Lent we will post a new reflection on the six special messages given to St. Jacinta by the heavenly Mother.

WEEK 1:  The “Sins of Impurity”

“More sinners go to hell because of sins of impurity more than any other”

Could nine-year-old Jacinta Marto even imagine what was meant by “sins of impurity” (often stated as sins of the flesh), when she was given this serious message by the Blessed Mother at Fatima?

Jacinta could certainly imagine hell – because she had seen it.

But she had not seen what sins of impurity look like – things people do behind closed doors, or in their thoughts and actions that defile their minds and bodies, their dignity and the dignity of others. She was too young and innocent to know of these things.

Which makes this statement from the Blessed Mother all the more real to us. The only reason the Blessed Mother would have given this message to her is because Jacinta would make reparation for these sins – whatever they are – if they caused someone to go to hell.

And the Blessed Mother had also told the three Fatima children that many people go to hell because they have no one to pray and make sacrifices for them.

So, Jacinta understood how serious this statement was.   Read more…


WEEK 1: The “Sins of War”

“War is a punishment from God for sins.”

From the beginning of the fall, mankind has been at war with one another. Adam blamed Eve for his sin. Eve blamed the serpent; both now viewed each other suspiciously. Cain became jealous of Able. Ishmael was at odds with Isaac; Esau with Jacob; Jacob’s sons with Joseph; Saul with David.

All of these conflicts can be blamed on one thing – personal sin. Nothing else caused this.

Sin is social. When you sin, it afflicts someone else, who then afflicts another and the consequences extend beyond our knowledge.

During St. Jacinta’s time, the whole world was at war. Surely Jacinta heard the stories of the wounded and dying soldiers, of bombs blowing things up, of guns that fired constantly.  When these soldiers came home, their experiences came with them and the war perhaps continued into their own families.

The 20th century marked the first time in human history that man would develop the means to destroy itself and the entire planet.  It is no longer just about one person capable of murdering another.  Now it is about entire civilizations capable of mass destruction on a scale never seen before.  Read more…










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