Fatima Message of Reparation Spreads at March for Life

March for LIfe 2015Nearly 330 students, faculty and staff from Benedictine College in Atchison, KS, joined members of the World Apostolate of Fatima at the annual March for Life January 22 in Washington D.C., processing with The National Pilgrim Virgin statue down the National Mall. The beautiful, sunny day was a blessing for thousands of people from all over the country who came to stand up for the dignity of human life.

Benedictine’s March for Life Coordinator Kathryn Brown said they were thrilled to have the statue with them again because of the very strong devotion to Mary on campus and the chance to learn more about the Message of Fatima.

“The statue added to the specialness of the March. I think it’s wonderful to see people coming together and uniting for a cause like this and it really gives you a lot of hope,” said Brown, a senior, who coordinated the trip as a member of Ravens Respect for Life.

Paige Gorman, a senior from Kansas City, MO, attended the March for the fifth time this year. She is consecrated to Our Lady and was thrilled to learn more about the Fatima message from Bill Sockey, custodian of the statue. “He shared the message of Our Lady of Fatima with me in a way that I had never heard it explained before. The emphasis on offering up our sufferings and praying for the conversion of sinners transcends time and place in a way that I had never considered,” she said.

“I do think with all the young people who know the truth or are seeking the truth about the dignity of life our country can have hope for changes for the better. My experience was different this year because I will be getting married in a few months. I was much more conscious of how my fiancé and I will be called to witness to the beauty and dignity of life and the gift of children.”

Kelly Schuck, a freshman from Hoffman Estates, IL, who attended for the fourth time, said seeing thousands of people at the March makes the 27-hour trip to D.C. worth it.

“I am always filled with joy at the sight of such a large number of people from all different faiths coming together to stand up for the basic freedom of life,” she said. “The Blessed Mother is my confirmation saint, and I am constantly coming to her for her help and protection.  At home, I meet with others from my parish and we pray the Rosary on the 13th of each month in honor of Our Lady of Fatima.  I truly believe that Christ will bring peace to our world (especially our country) if we have a strong devotion to His mother.  So pray, Pray, and PRAY for peace in our nation and the end of the murder of innocents.”

Stephanie Nelson, a freshman from Independence, MN, said she thinks there is greater awareness among the general population about the reality of abortion. “I do think people are questioning it more these days and starting to see that it is actually murder, even though we can’t see the child.”

She did some research and found that 1.3 million abortions occurred in the year she was born, 1996. “Just to put it into perspective, if I multiply the population of my college by 650, that’s about how many abortions occurred that year. I can’t even wrap my mind around that. To think how many people our world is missing out on,” she said. “That’s why I wanted to go to the March because it’s the biggest way the prolife movement makes a statement to the world and to our country. Just seeing how many people were there and hearing the testimonies gave me a great sense of hope.”

The World Apostolate of Fatima handed out Fatima materials at the exhibition hall to hundreds of people who stopped by to learn more about the Message of Fatima and the need for reparation.

“Our Lady reminded us that suffering has value, and while Jesus came to earth and was the Word of God made flesh, we were not redeemed through His preaching; we were redeemed through His suffering and death, and that’s why we know that suffering has value,” said Todd Ziesmer who was there with David Carollo, Bill Sockey, and members of the Blue Army Division in Washington D.C.


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  1. March for Life in Washington, DC.:

    Just wanted to note that The Arlington Division of WAF has been present in the marching with Our Lady’s Blue Army National for the past two years.

    Annette Gibson
    Arlington Division, President

  2. The comment previously submitted was not intended for public posting but as an addition to the reporting contained in the article on presence and participants with the March for Life WAF.
    Thank you,
    Annette Gibson

    • Hi Annette: When we report this year on the March for Life, I’d like to make sure we include the Arlington Division. Perhaps reported from your perspective. Can I contact you about that?

      Thank you,
      Barb Ernster, 612-419-7677

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