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Announcing 2021 a Year of St. Joseph

by David Carollo – Someone said to me, “I am very uneasy about the present situation in our country.”  I responded that we are all disturbed during times of such uncertainty, but if we focus on the issues that cause this anxiety, we understand that

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What do you want of me?

by Barb Ernster – This was the humble question little Lucia asked the Blessed Mother at the beginning of each of the apparitions at Fatima:  “What do you want of me?”  It is a question we all need to ask every day if we are

Let’s pray for the country

by David M. Carollo – I came out of the chapel after Mass today and had a conversation with several people who are regulars here at the Blue Army Shrine. Everyone shared the common feeling of uneasiness of these past few days. Elections are always

The battle for God’s kingdom involves our decisions

by David M. Carollo – Next week we will exercise our civic duty and select our representatives at all levels of government from the president on down. As I have always done, I downloaded the list of candidates endorsed by the pro-life groups to use

The Truth is set before us

by Deacon Bob Ellis – A nation that permits babies to be brutally torn apart limb by limb and ripped from the wombs of their mothers will not long retain God’s blessings and protection. The swiftly developing Communist revolution in America, which threatens the survival

Politics and religion: Archbishop Sheen’s words of wisdom

by Michaelyn Hein – With the American presidential election upon us, we are pressed ever more fervently with the challenge to “keep religion out of politics.” It is the inevitable response whenever a priest speaks openly in support of politicians who fight against abortion. It

New film brings Father Patrick Peyton’s legacy to life – PRAY!

by Barb Ernster – Who doesn’t remember the phrase, “The family that prays together stays together”? These words, coined by Ven. Fr. Patrick Peyton, C.S.C., are now enshrined in a moving documentary about his life and ministry called PRAY, which opens in theaters October 9.


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