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The history of Lent and fasting in the Church

by Donal Anthony Foley – We have once again entered the season of Lent, a season of the Church calendar that is difficult for many Catholics. We have the feeling that we should be doing more, but under the pressure of modern life, and perhaps

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The 33-day St. Louis de Montfort Marian Consecration

by Donal Anthony Foley – Saint Louis de Montfort (1673 – 1716) was a French priest noted for his promotion of devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. His most well-known books are The Secret of the Rosary, The Secret of Mary, and True Devotion to

Fatima and the new errors of Russia

by Donal Anthony Foley – The new book by author and commentator Rod Dreher, Live Not by Lies: A Manual for Christian Dissidents, has attracted a lot of interest. In this, he puts forward the idea that what Western, and particularly American, society is now

Expect rivers of grace and mercy with Fatima devotions

by Barb Ernster – Sister Lucia had numerous moments in prayer and contemplation in which she would discern Our Lord’s authentic voice and words to her. These were not locutions or audible voices, but she learned to hear His voice in her prayers and communion

Icon commissioned for Year of St. Joseph highlights Holy Family and Joseph’s role

by Barb Ernster – The mystery of St. Joseph’s role at Fatima is unveiled in the vision during the miracle of the sun on Oct. 13, 1917, when St. Joseph and the Child Jesus simultaneously blessed the world while Mary stood nearby. The World Apostolate

The sacrifice of those who follow Him

By David M. Carollo – In the liturgies following Christmas we commemorate the feast days of some who gave all for the Faith. We remember St. Stephen, the first person martyred for preaching the word, the Holy Innocents, slaughtered by Herod in hopes to kill

St. Joseph: husband of Mary, companion to parents

by Bishop Joseph N. Perry – We priests and bishops are often asked by parents to add a child of theirs to our prayers.  The implication often is that a particular son or daughter is not turning out in life the way their mom or


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