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A deficit of leadership – the condition of 21st century man

By David M. Carollo – Human nature directs us to seek strong leadership. We are created with certain gifts. These vary from person to person. People of integrity look to those who possess what we as individuals lack in ourselves. Each according to his gifts.

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“Looking very sad, Our Lady said…”

By Most Rev. Joseph N. Perry – One aspect of Our Lady’s life that is appreciated anew these days is her suffering.  We find in the Mother of God one who walks with us as a mother whose Son is unjustly treated and murdered; and

Mary’s Nativity: The “dawn of our salvation”

By Father Matthew Mauriello – On Sept. 8, we commemorate the beautiful feast day of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This is one of my very favorite feast days of the Church year. When I studied “Mariology” some years ago, I was fascinated

The need to spread devotion to the Immaculate Heart worldwide

by Donal Anthony Foley – One of the primary aspects of Our Lady’s message at Fatima, which needs to be emphasized more, is the idea of devotion to her Immaculate Heart becoming a global phenomenon. We can see this from her June 13, 1917 message,

The miracle of the Eucharist

by Catherine Moran, Ph.D. The miracle of the Eucharist is a masterpiece of the wisdom, the power and the generosity of God. St. Augustine illustrated this beautifully when he wrote, “God, all wise though He be, knows nothing better; all power though He be, He

The steady march toward our moral decline

By David M. Carollo – I turned on the television the other day and got caught up in a movie from about 40 years ago. Although it was no cinematic masterpiece, it was set in a time that stirred up nostalgia for me. I vaguely

As Queen of Heaven, Mary prays for us

by Elizabeth Turello – For centuries, theologians and saints have referenced the holiness of Mary above all of God’s other creatures. Early church writers and Christians acknowledged her privileged status and royal dignity as Mother of the King. In the 18th century, with love and


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