A Devotion Pleasing to God

im479-193x300On July 24, 1927, Lucia wrote to her mother concerning the great importance of the first Saturday Communion of Reparation.


My Dearest Mother,

Since I know that, when you receive a letter from me, you receive, at the same time, a consolation, I decided to write this one
to encourage you to offer up to God the sacrifice of my separation from you. I really understand how much this separation affects you, but believe me, if we had not separated voluntarily, He would have taken it upon Himself to do it. You don’t think so. Look: Uncle Manuel said that he would not let his children leave home and look how God took them! That is why I would love that my mother would generously offer this act of reparation to the Most Holy Virgin for the offenses that she receives from her ungrateful children.
I would also love that my mother would give that consolation of embracing a devotion that I know is pleasing to God, and that was asked for by our dear Heavenly Mother. As soon as I heard of it, I wanted to embrace it and to get everyone else to embrace it. I hope, moreover, that my mother will reply to me, saying that you have done so and are going to get all the people who go there also to embrace it. You could never give me a greater consolation than that. You only have to do what is written on the holy picture. The confession can be on another day. It is the fifteen minutes, to my mind, that is going to give the most confusion.
But it is very simple. Who is not able to think on the Mysteries of the Rosary? On the Annunciation of the Angel and the humility of our dear Mother who, on seeing herself so praised, called herself a slave? On the passion of Jesus, Who suffered so much for love of us? And our Most Holy Mother near Jesus on Calvary? Who is not able then, with these holy thoughts, to spend fifteen minutes, near this most tender of mothers?
Goodbye, Mother dear. Console our Heavenly Mother in this way and try to get many others to console Her also. Then you will also be giving me profound happiness.
I am your most dedicated daughter, who kisses your hand.

Maria Lucia de Jesus

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