Diocese of Covington, KY

Welcome to the Covington, KY Division
of the World Apostolate of Fatima U.S.A. 
 “Our Lady’s Blue Army”

We operate under the ecclesiastical authority of 
Most Rev. Roger Joseph Foys, D.D., Bishop of Covington

Spiritual Director:  Fr. Michael Comer

WAF National Representative: 
John Brandenburg – 513-503-0568 – jbranden123@icloud.com
Deanery Coordinators:
Covington Deanery: 
Marsha Gran – 513-533-8350
Campbell County Deanery:
Kathy Mayer 859-394-7472 – kathymgrace@gmail.com
Jean Geiman – 859-442-7053 – jeangeiman@gmail.com
Northern Kenton County Deanery:
Karen Gassmann – 859-331-3379 – karensue47@fuse.net
Margie Klee – 859-341-0333
Bonnie Hampton – 859-586-5565 – bonnieha@usa.net
Therese Gray – 859-341-0010 – theresa@1heart2souls.org
South East Deanery:
James Perraut – 606-375-1255 – mike.perraut45@gmail.com
South West Deanery:
Craig Brandenburg – 859-982-1934 – craig.brandenburg1@gamil.com
Theresa Collins – 859-384-1125 – tcollins22030@gmail.com

Upcoming Event List

Leadership meeting: 4th Thursday of each month:  7:00 pm St. Agnes, Ft. Wright Ky – All are welcome to stop by!

March 9, 2020 – Blue Army Presentation , Our Lady’s Peace Chapter , Lay Fraternities  of St. Dominic, St. Gertrude, Cincinnati.  

March 25, 2020 – Total Consecration Mass –  St. Therese, Southgate, KY
Our Lady’s Catholic Lay Ministries – 33 Day Total Consecration Apostolate https://www.clayministries.org/

May 2, 2020 –   Fatima Blue Army retreat at All Saints Parish, Walton, KY.

June 7, 2020 – Cross the Bridge for Life – set up WAFUSA booth with literature.

October 13, 2020 – Mass and Procession at Our Lady’s Farm.

Parish Fatima Retreat Opportunity
Parish Fatima Retreat Flyer

Recent Events
October 2019 Mass & Procession at Our Lady’s Farm & Cincinnati Rosary Crusade











Right to Life ‘Cross the Bridge’ Event: 6/8/2019 – Karen Gassmann.
Kathy Mayer set up and hosted “Our Lady of Fatima” information booth.




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