Congratulations Father Andrew Apostoli on your Golden Anniversary

Fifty years ago on this date, the late Archbishop Fulton Sheen ordained a young man to the priesthood. Today that man, Father Andrew Apostoli, a member of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, serves as the Vice Postulator for the cause of canonization for the Archbishop.

For the past 50 years Father Andrew has worked to emulate the man who passed on the office of the priesthood to him.  It is also appropriate that Father Apostoli celebrates his golden ordination anniversary during the centennial year of the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima, to whom he is greatly devoted.

He has been a great friend to this apostolate and to my wife and I for years.  We are honored to celebrate this great milestone with him. Father Andrew is a frequent visitor to the National Blue Army Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima here in Washington, N.J., participating in our many events both as a speaker and a celebrant. He has been a regular contributor to Soul magazine and the author of a number of books on Fatima.  He has led pilgrimages with us and several of us have appeared with him on EWTN television.

Archbishop Sheen was once quoted as saying, “We as priests speak for the dumb, atone for the sinful, plead for the Judases and intercede for those who do not know what they are doing.”

I believe that His Excellency looks down favorably on this man, upon whom he laid hands in 1967. Thou art a priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek [Heb 7:17].

Congratulations Father Andrew.

God bless
David Carollo


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  1. So well said, David. Father Apostoli is a great man who has blessed us all with his insights, presence and good nature.

    Hope you, your wife, and the WAFUSA staff are well. We still think often and fondly of our tour experiences with so many of you last November!

    My wife and I are very excited that the International Pilgrim Virgin Mary Statue is visiting our area next week. Both my wife and I will be certain to visit as many locations as we can and are excited to be able to pray Our Lady’s Fatima devotions in Her Likeness’ presence.

    May the Good Lord continue to bless you and all the wonderful people who support WAF in our country and around the world.

    • Thank you for your comments Kevin. We pray for a very successful and grace-filled visitation with the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue next week.

  2. Fr. Apostoli, we always watch you on Sunday night Prime and enjoy all your teachings. We pray for you and want to thank you for your Yes to our Lord for the call to love and serve his people. You are a part of us and we to you always in the body of Christ.
    May God cause his face to shine on you and keep you.
    Congrats on 50 years of priesthood!
    Our Lady has had you always in her care . Love and peace
    Your family
    Ed and Melody

  3. I am late to offer congratulations to Father Apostoli. He is a wonderful and holy priest

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