St. Jude Thaddeus – Courageous Follower of Christ

By Donal Anthony Foley – St. Jude Thaddeus The feast of St. Jude Thaddeus on October 28 is celebrated jointly with his fellow Apostle St. Simon, known as the Zealot. St. Jude is best known as the helper in cases despaired of, and the patron saint of desperate or even hopeless situations. He is known […]

Separation of Church and State is an Impossibility

By David M. Carollo – Kennedy v. Nixon My earliest recollection of politics goes back to 1960 when John Kennedy faced Richard Nixon in the presidential race. The overwhelming subject seemed to be the fact that one candidate was Catholic, the first in the history of the nation. As a young child, I had no […]

Mary and the Gift of Courage – Why We Need It!

By Barb Ernster – Through the Woman The title Woman is not bestowed upon the Blessed Mother lightly. It connotes a very important role in salvation history, and one that is not for the faint of heart. In his book Fatima for Today, Father Andrew Apostoli tells us Mary is the only woman in Scripture […]

Astounding Things!: How the Midday Sun Danced at Fatima

An excerpt of Avelino de Almeida’s firsthand account of the Miracle of the Sun, published on October 15th, 1917, in O Século’s daily edition Translated by John Nahrgang OURÉM (PORTUGAL), October 13th Upon disembarking, after a delayed trip, at around four o’clock in the afternoon at Chão de Maçãs station in Ourém, where religious people […]

The Fatima Message Overcomes the Predicted ‘End’

By David M. Carollo – The Day the Earth Stood Still Twenty-three years ago, I spent the new year in Rome leading a group of choir children and parents/chaperones on a pilgrimage. The choir sang at several venues coinciding with the welcoming of the new year – a new century, a new millennium. As the […]

The Rosary and the Holy Trinity – A Letter from Sr. Lucia

By Barb Ernster – Reading and Writing: A Command from Our Lady Many documents exist from Sister Lucia who wrote thousands of letters to people and clergy around the world: to her superiors, spiritual directors, bishops and popes. When Our Lady told her at age 10 that she had to learn to read and write, […]

Charity is at the Heart of the Fatima Prayers

By Greg Wasson – Sacrifice is Charity In the July apparition at Fatima, Mary showed the three children a terrifying vision of hell that, although it lasted only a moment, greatly emphasized the words she had spoken to them just before: “Sacrifice yourselves for sinners and say many times, especially whenever you make any sacrifice: […]

The Work of God is Final

By David M. Carollo – Our World Is Like an Amusement Park Ride When I was young growing up in Chicago, my parents occasionally took us to Riverview, an amusement park on the north side of the city. The rides were thrilling to a 5-year-old who eagerly followed his dad on any adventure. The parachute […]

“Keep Me Company”

By Lawrence Maginot – As we grow closer to the 100th anniversary of the request for the First Saturday Devotion by Our Lady of Fatima in 2025, many people remain confused about how to carry it out, especially the request for fifteen minutes of meditation in addition to the five-decade Rosary. This time of meditation […]

A Lesson on Faith

By David M. Carollo – A Visit to The Holy Land Again, I am writing from a historic place – the Holy Land, where the foundation of our Faith is found. God chose this land to bring about the true understanding of Divine Law lost by the actions of our first parents and the subsequent […]

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