Diocese of Albany

Welcome to the Albany (NY) Division of the World Apostolate of Fatima, USA. We operate under the ecclesiastical authority of Most Reverend Edward B. Scharfenberger, DD, Bishop of Albany.


Leadership Team:
Spiritual Director:  
Fr. Jeffrey L’Arche, 518-861-8159; [email protected]
President: Joanne O’Hara, 518-355-3897; [email protected]
Vice President: Mary Courter, 518-393-7452
Secretary: Mary Teresa Morgan, 518-356-2505; [email protected]
Treasurer: Tim O’Hara, 518-355-3897; [email protected]
Youth Ministry: Katie Garippa, 518-288-5420; [email protected]
Emily Wakefield

Division Email: [email protected]

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