A Mother’s Prayer, A Miraculous Healing

by Patrick Sabat


Mary Ramon, with her son, Ruben, thanking Our Lady for the gift of a miraculous
healing and saving her son from being aborted in 1994.

In one of our tours with the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima, we visited St. Anthony of Padua Parish and international headquarters of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, in Robstown, Texas.

It was here that we learned the beautiful story from Mary Ramon, a parishioner and a devotee of the Blessed Mother. The pastor asked Mary to speak after the Mass and share her story from the first visit of the statue to the parish, in 1994.

I was begging Our Lady to help me in 1994, the first time I saw her beautiful Image. I was sick at the time with a tumor in my womb, and I was pregnant. I prayed to Mary to save my baby; I believe that a mother truly understands a mother.

I saw the statue at the last minute. She was already going down the aisle as she was leaving in procession. As she passed right by me, my heart was screaming and screaming in silent prayer as I cried.

Then, I clearly heard the words: ‘It is going to be okay.’

My due date was October 13th. It was a very long journey from then on. I was bedridden and very ill. The doctors kept telling me, “You need to have an abortion.”

I insisted, “No abortion.”

I knew the risk, but I knew our heavenly Mother would help me; she already assured me that everything would turn out good. The time came when it was very critical. There were more risks than they were originally aware of. The tumor continued to grow. The baby continued to grow. They required a sonogram every other day. The doctors kept telling me: “The baby is in distress and we need to do an abortion.”

Again, I said, “No.”

Finally, the morning came when I was scheduled for a C-section, and I was brought into the surgery room. The doctor told me, “It’s a boy.”

I then asked, “What about the tumor, what about the tumor?”

The doctor responded, “There is no tumor, no tumor.”

I was like ‘WOW!’ I knew it was because of our heavenly Mother.

Years have gone by and I have a healthy son. It is because of her. This time I could feel her presence. I knew I was going to be okay.

My son is now 16 years old and he is here with me. This is the baby the doctors wanted me to abort. He recently joined the (parish program) White Army of Our Lady of Fatima here in Robstown.

I am so blessed to share this with you, and I am so happy that each time Our Lady of Fatima statue comes, she comes to me personally as my Mother.


Patrick Sabat is the custodian of the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue and manager of the Statue Program for the World Apostolate of Fatima, USA.




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