A Critical Message that Must be Spread

by Elizabeth Turello –

IPVS tour from World Apostolate of Fatima, USA who spread Our Lady's critical message to a world in need

As the Catholic Church’s official voice on the authentic Fatima message, the World Apostolate of Fatima works hard to promote Our Lady’s critical message to a world in need.

A Miraculous Healing

At a recent staff meeting, our statue custodians shared testimonies from their travels. Each anecdote highlighted the intercession of God and Mary taking place on our statue tours. The World Apostolate of Fatima works hard to promote a critical message that must be spread, especially in these times. The following story was shared by statue custodian Thomas Ross:

During the 2017 Centennial tour, we took the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue (IPVS) to a small town in Oklahoma. After Mass, I gave my talk to the congregation as usual, but then I heard Father announce:

“I would now like Cathy to come forward and give her testimony.”

A woman stood up from one of the pews before making her way to the front of church. This was unexpected, so I made sure to pay attention. She began her talk by informing the group that, in 2008, the IPVS had come to her parish. Weeks before the statue’s arrival, she said, a doctor in their small town diagnosed her married daughter with cancer. He recommended she go to Oklahoma City for further analysis. So, her daughter scheduled an appointment in the big city. After a barrage of tests, on the end of that long first day, her daughter called to tell her, “Mom, the experts decided that I do have cancer. What makes it more difficult – I’m also pregnant. They recommend I get an abortion so they can treat the cancer.” Her daughter then begged her, “Mom, pray for me. I have more tests tomorrow.”

Cathy then explained, “That very next day, the IPVS statue came to my church. I prayed there for my daughter from morning to night.” At the end of that second day of testing, her daughter called again. This time, she excitedly said, “Mom, the cancer is gone, they can’t find it!”

Cathy smiled and wrapped up by proudly announcing to the audience, “I’m happy to tell you, I now have an 8-year-old granddaughter.”

The Intersession of Our Lady, Not a Statue

The above story exemplifies some of the miracles occurring due to Our Lady’s intercession, the IPVS serving as a vessel. As Ross reminds us, the statue itself holds no power, it is merely an ordinary object used to bring about miracles and help increase people’s faith.

“The physical presence of the statue was simply the opportunity, or moment in time, for people to exercise or increase their faith, to turn to God and Our Heavenly Mother in prayer,” Ross told me. “I also think it’s important to mention that I hear more ‘miracle’ stories because of intercessory prayer (someone praying for someone else) than direct healings in answer to prayer for themselves.”

If you would like to support our mission and keep our IPVS on the road, please consider doing so through a donation. As a non-profit, we rely on your generosity to help us bring Our Lady of Fatima’s message to a world in need.

Peace be with you.

Elizabeth Turello

Elizabeth Turello is the Communications Associate for the World Apostolate of Fatima USA/Blue Army Shrine.

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9 Responses

  1. These stories are beautiful! Thank you both Elizabeth T. and David Carolla.
    Long Island is gearing up for a tour in June, 2024! I think it will be our 4th tour.
    Thank you for all you do! Please pray for my brother Tim who is sick with cancer.

  2. Please pray for our da in law, who went thru treatment and now is told she is cancer free. Please pray it stays that way and will not return.
    Please pray for my friends niece who is a teenager and has cancer. Pray she will be cured.
    Thank you for praying with me.

  3. Is it not wonderful how Our Lady loves to help her children and keep them from all the pain and suffering which this world brings. Do we pray to her enough or sacrifice enough to help those graces flow through out the world. Pray. Pray.

  4. I am so dutifully touched by the end of the speech, “Now I have an 8yr old granddaughter. She is definitely a miracle through intercession from Our Lady.” I bet if I look deeper into people’s lives, I will always find something good despite the bad. Really loved this article. My hear leaped for joy at the miracle child, her grandmother and her mom.

  5. How does one go about bringing the Pilgrim Virgin Statue to a particular parish and/or diocese?
    Our diocese has no official WAF here. With the many changes in our Diocesan 2030 Plan, our First Saturday devotions were discontinued, although our parish began offering the Sorrowful Mother “Novena” Devotions on first Saturdays.
    For many years I belonged to the Ft. Wayne South Bend Diocesan WAF (Blue Army) before moving here to care for my mother before she died.
    The priest-chaplain there advised me to just start praying the Rosary on my own–no permission necessary. However, for some time now I have had great difficulty actually praying even part of the Rosary, although I often follow along online, but it’s just not the same for my heart.
    Our diocese is limiting the number of Masses our priests can celebrate, leaving some parishes with no Sunday Liturgies…very difficult to understand. Our parish Sunday Evening devotional prayers for vocations with Rosary and Benediction were also discontinued.
    We are desperate for heavenly assistance. Please pray for our Bishop Timothy Doherty, our priests, deacons, and all the souls in our Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indians.
    The changes are attributed to the diminishing number of active priests and fewer vocations, yet seemingly no, rather few, dedicated prayers for priestly vocations, although occassionally mentioned in the Prayer of the Faithful during Mass.
    Recently, Rosaries on the 13th of each month, have been led by our Legion of Mary, but the materials used are from America Needs Fatima, which I understand is not sanctioned by Rome.
    Please pray for me to be more faithful to my promise to pray the Rosary daily and to spread the Messages of Fatima as St. (Padre) Pio and our popes have advised. I have met with our pastor, but each time, I. forgot to ask for re-instating Fatima Devotions on First Saturdays.
    Thank you, & God Bless you for your continuing service of Our Lady’s Fatima Apostolate.
    M.D. Shaw

    1. Hello M.D. You can contact our statue coordinator, Patrick Sabat at [email protected]. He lives in Indiana and it may be easy for him to do a short tour there.

      I’m happy to help get the Blue Army started again in your diocese. Please feel free to reach out to me at 612-419-7677.

      Barb Ernster
      National Coordinator

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