Merry Christmas message

Dear Fatima family,

I have always been strongly moved by the Gospel description of the lineage of Christ. From Adam and Eve to Abraham to David to Our Lord; we ponder the many generations it took from the beginning of mankind until the Savior of the world was born.  The amount of time that had passed, some 4,000 years,  should give us a glimpse into how sin separates us from God.

“The virgin will be with child.” These words of the Prophet were known among the Israelites, but how many truly understood their significance?  Those who wandered in the desert of hope awaited the day with great anticipation. The holy Simeon, who had long hoped for the promise of God to be fulfilled, was rewarded greatly when he finally beheld the Word Incarnate: “Lord, now you can dismiss your servant”.  The gift of salvation is one to be cherished and our Christmas celebration should commemorate this great event. 

In 1917, we were given a message at Fatima, which reminds us of the special gift given to on that first Christmas day. Mary wanted us to know that our relationship with God matters. His grace, mercy and love are made manifest in Jesus Christ.  

On this Christmas Day let us be filled with joy and a sense of renewed commitment to live as God meant for us, in accordance with His law and in His love.  May Our Lady and the Christ Child bring us abundant blessings.

Merry Christmas!

David M. Carollo
Executive Director



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